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Nasaka unveils RO water purifier Stage12 Minjet Smart

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Nasaka, water purifier manufacturing brand has come with its latest range of Nasaka water purifiers ‘Stage 12 Minjet Smart’.

Stage 12 Minjet Smart is a wall-mountable and aesthetically designed water purifier that comes with unique oval shape and water level indicator.

According to a press release issued by the company, the Stage 12 Minjet Smart water purifier has a total storage capacity of 13 litres and its 12 stages of purification process eliminates even the chemicals and undesirable salts dissolved in the water in just a few minutes.

A unique combination of Reverse Osmosis, Ultra filtration and Ultraviolet technology used in this product removes all kinds of insoluble impurities like pesticides and fluorides to make the water pure like spring water. The water purified with this product meets IS 14543:2004 for packaged drinking water.

Anil Gupta, Director, Nasaka said, “The country’s potable water quality has deteriorated sharply during the past few years. Understanding this serious concern we have finally come out with Stage 12 Minjet Smart high quality RO water purifier which is the outcome of years of rigorous research. This unique water purifier not only removes contaminants, but also enriches the drinking water with vital minerals.”


The press release said, the product comes studded with LED light and alarm system to indicate filter change requirement. In addition, it has computer controlled operation with UV fail alarm that makes it suitable for any source of feed water (having TDS<2000ppm) like tap water, borewell water, or storage tank. Moreover, it also has mineral enrichment cartridge to add necessary minerals to water. The other innovative feature of this unique water purifier is the use of silver nanotechnology to inhibit bacterial growth. ‘Stage 12 Minjet Smart water’ purifier is equipped with an automatic water level sensor and its mineral enrichment cartridge adds minerals to water.

Priced at Rs 22,990/- Stage 12 Minjet Smart water purifier is available across all the leading stores in India, said the release.