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Nikhil Singhal: Charting new horizons, while expanding global footprints of Vigor Media Worldwide

Nikhil Singhal

Under the stewardship of Nikhil Singhal, Vigor Media Worldwide has expanded its global footprints through its collaboration with Singapore-based strategy management and corporate advisory firm MP Morgan Capital. Vigor Media has opened its offices in Dubai and UK and spread its international operations by actively working with global brands/ clients.

Nikhil was always impressed with the way media plays a major role in communicating the value of a brand and its products and services to the customers and the major role it has in crafting a thought process for a product or company, living up to its role as the fourth pillar of democracy. He always wanted to further explore its powerful beats and dynamics. He was driven by the spirit of innovation, original ideas, and an insatiable creative itch but never lost sight of a down-to earth, pragmatic approach while donning an entrepreneur’s hat.

He always had a passion for how to help companies create a successful brand. He was deeply inclined towards contributing to the corporate world in a way to make their brands become household names. He used to study the appeal of brand and consumer psyche and he always had this yearning to help the companies make their distinct positioning in the market.  As a first generation entrepreneur, Nikhil’s journey started when he was still pursuing his Masters in Media Management. At that time, his peers were vying with each other to secure high paying jobs, but Nikhil decided to charter an entrepreneurial course, create employment and stimulate the innovative and creative capacities within the people.

Conceptulised with a vision to provide the brand building support to his clients, Nikhil’s public relations and image management venture, ‘Vigor Media Worldwide’  has given a whole new perspective to advertising, brand-positioning, media marketing and management. Established in 2010, the organization is a result of Nikhil’s inborn leadership capabilities and effective interpersonal skills combined with his passion for media and advertising verticals. Today, Nikhil’s brainchild has gained cross-sectoral expertise spanning the domains of Real Estate, Education, Lifestyle, FMCG, Hospitality, Healthcare, Technology, Security, Consulting and a host of other segments. The company’s client portfolio includes prominent brands in the industry and with its collaboration with firm MP Morgan Capital, Vigor Media Worldwide has expanded its global footprints.

Nikhil has gathered extensive experience ranging from public relations, media management, to image enhancement of top line brands and multinational corporates. Leading from the front, he has established, Vigor Media Worldwide as a benchmark in the industry and for his excellent efforts in his domain he has been acknowledged on various platforms over the years.


Nikhil believes that it is important for brands to build relationships and engage with customers, fully understand their needs, problems, and desires, so as to convey a message which they remember for long. He is equally at ease with handling various media platforms including print, electronic and digital domains. He has helped reposition brands to gain a competitive advantage.

Headquartered in Delhi-NCR, Vigor Media Worldwide started expanding its wings in the year 2016 with launch of branch offices in Mumbai and roping in stringers in more than 20 states. The company also enjoys a strong presence across borders and actively works with brands/clients operating out of Dubai and UK.

Says Nikhil, “Success doesn’t come chasing you; it requires a determined focus and dedicated efforts towards that goal. For that matter, many people succeed but what drives me is to be able to sustain the success. It was extremely easy for me to complete the studies and join the family business but I chose to carve my own destiny and create meaningful jobs for others.”

Elaborating further, he adds, “I started my journey with a modest beginning but today I have traversed a long, long way. At Vigor, we work with clients who allow us to be part of their own journey which is a responsibility more than an opportunity to us. Our every step and initiative greatly affects our clients and it has to be positive and flawless every time, only then you prove your worth and build your own image in the market”.

Under Nikhil’s astute leadership, Vigor Media Worldwide, apart from gaining extensive exposure in public relations, media campaign and image management, has built another property called Business Barrons of India. Created and owned by Vigor Media Worldwide in association with Times Group Books, Business Barrons of India puts together great leaders on one platform for readers to know about their journey marked by bold decisions and incredible accolades. This coffee table book is Nikhil’s own style of creating a space to rightfully highlight the distinguished faces that are helping the country march forward on the path of continuous growth.


On personal front, Nikhil likes to play golf to take a break from long, working hours and recharge his creativity and passion. He has widely travelled across the world for assignments, conferences, conventions and business development.