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No waiting, move in and begin

By Simran Sankla, Blogger

The decision to invest in real estate takes plenty of research and of course a lot of investment. A decision of such high stakes cannot be made lightly. The COVID-19 pandemic made people realise significance of owing a property, in contrast to renting one. Buyers often do not prefer ready to move in properties because of high costs. But with Bhutani Infra’s ready to move in carnival, Bhutani Alphathum, Technopark 127, and Cyber Park Sector 62 even that one snag is eliminated. For these project you only pay 40% of the cost upfront and the rest can be paid in easy instalments of 1% every month for a period of 5 years, with Lifetime maintenance free.

While this may be enough of a reason to invest in Bhutani Infra’s ready to move in projects. Let’s look at a few more reasons to why investment in a Ready to move in property is a smart move…

Pay For What You See 

Uncertainty about space, quality of construction, available amenities are some of the ever present issues buyers face when investing in an under construction project. It is important to consider the quality if a project before investing big sums in it. In a world where everyone is moving at lighting fast speed, no one wants to be left behind. Bhutani Technopark offers fully furnished office spaces that are waiting for you. Built and designed around IT infrastructure services, it offers a ready ecosystem to IT firms that induces communication and growth. Don’t take it by the word, come check it out!

No Uncertainty


The biggest risk that is eliminated when investing in a ready to move in project is the risk of delay. In the case of ready to move property you can acquire immediate possession of your property, in contrast to under construction properties that take 2-3 years to deliver. With an iconic property such as Bhutani Alphathum in a prime location, just off the Noida Greater Noida Expressway to provide excellent connectivity and stellar amenities immediate possession is what one wants. 

No Hidden Costs  

While selecting a ready to move in property, the crowning moment is that there are no hidden cost. One can hand pick a property within their budget. Bhutani Infra’s ready to move in projects make this budget even more flexible. You only pay 40% of the cost upfront and the rest can be paid in an easy instalment payment plan! Unlike in the case of an under construction property, in a ready to move in project there can be no delays and the price is definite. 

Known Social Infrastructure

When investing in a property it is essential to know the neighbourhood and the available infrastructure such as nearby markets, connectivity issues etc. A property offering excellent amenities, security and a fantastic social infrastructure is what one looks for. 


Quick Returns 

Unlike an under construction property, a ready to move in property offers quick and fast returns on the investment. It is far easier to rent out a ready to move in property and open a source of secondary income. Ready to move in properties eliminates all these snags and offer greats returns. If you are looking for ready to move in properties then Bhutani Infra offers lockable office space in Alpathum and Bhutani Technopark at sector 127. It is a deal to have!

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(The author is a freelancer writer. Views expressed are her personal)