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NoBroker adopts Google Cloud to develop solutions

google cloud, a C2C real estate platform, has adopted Google Cloud to develop solutions that enhance the customer experience. It is now delivering the benefits of AI and machine learning-powered by Google Cloud to its customers.

The company recently launched the Touchless Entry which was developed during the pandemic. Touchless Entry sees NoBroker using facial recognition developed using Google Cloud AI/ML technology combined with TensorFlow to ensure the safety of residents and visitors.Nobroker and google cloud

The Cloud Vision-powered program uses crowdsourcing to generate 35,000 property listings every month. This means anyone using the NoBroker app can upload a photo of a “to let” or “for sale” board to the platform and the optical character recognition (OCR) feature on Cloud Vision AI extracts the owner’s phone number from the photo and correlates it with listing user information on NoBroker’s MySQL database.

Mr. Akhil Gupta

Akhil Gupta, Co-Founder & CTO at No broker said, “With this partnership, we have been able to roll out new products faster in both NoBroker and NoBrokerHood apps without worrying about scale, security, and compliance. The collaboration will further help us in our pursuit of innovating solutions to make real estate transactions faster and cheaper for our customers.”