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Noida Authority launches app to tackle citizen woes


app-68002_640Next time you want to register any civic complaints with the Noida authority, try the mobile application called, ‘Noida Citizen Charter,’ and submit your woes with a photographic evidence. You can even track the status of your complaint.

In order to empower the residents to interact with the authorities regarding local civic problems, the Noida Authority has launched the mobile application for residents to register their grievances.

CEO Rama Raman said the app will change the way residents interact with the authorities. “Residents can now easily register a complaint submitting a picture for more than 152 services provided by the authority,” he mentioned and added, “Once you register the complaint, you will receive a complaint number on the registered mobile number. Residents can also track the status of their complaint and check the number of days it will take for the problem to be solved.”

Satish Kumar, CEO of the Bengaluru-based company which has designed the app, said that the application will automatically capture the location, date and time of submission. However, customers need to register with a photo, name and number on the app.

The app can be downloaded from Google Play store. The Android version will be available for public use from Monday, while the application for other mobile platforms will be launched by July 4.