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Noida’s Development Projects are Reshaping Real Estate Investment Opportunities. How?

By: Pawan Sharma, MD, Trisol RED

Noida, starting as an affordable residential hub, gradually metamorphosed into a premium housing and commercial destination. However, in the last few years, the clock turned a full circle, and Noida, reinforcing its leadership position, not only emerged as among the most sought-after regions in the NCR, but experts noticing its phenomenal rise began considering it on par with Gurugram. Many consider that it might even snatch Gurugram’s epithet as the global corporate hub in the coming decade.

So, what accounts for Noida’s rise to prominence? As in the case of Gurugram, which rose to commanding heights due to its proximity to Indira Gandhi International Airport, Noida’s rise is also coterminous with the upcoming international airport at Jewar, a short driving distance away.

Let’s examine other factors that have contributed to making Noida the real world’s rising star. 

The impact of Jewar airport is not just confined to its status as an international flying hub. Both the central and state governments have made big-ticket announcements transforming the region around the airport into business, corporate, and hospitality hubs. These developments have massively boosted the region’s real estate potential. 


The Yamuna Expressway has provided Noida with another massive boost. New greenfield cities have been planned in the Yamuna Expressway region. Called the Greater Noida Extension and Dadri Noida Ghaziabad Investment Region, it will turn the region into a substantial megalopolis in the next 50 years.

The Noida-Greater Noida Expressway, for instance, has been a game-changer for the real estate market in the region. The six-lane expressway connects Noida and Greater Noida and has made commuting between the two cities more convenient. The expressway has also made it easier for residents to travel to other parts of the NCR, such as Delhi, Gurgaon, and Faridabad. The Noida Expressway, on the other hand, enhanced the appeal of Noida’s sectors in the vicinity of the roads.

Sports City, planned in Sector 150, was another promising development. So when the opportunity struck, especially with the rising economic prosperity in the last few years, Noida was well-poised to benefit from the people’s increased inclination towards big homes and luxury properties.

At the same time, other massive infrastructure projects in the region’s vicinity, such as a dedicated freight corridor, a rail terminal at Boraki, multi-modal logistics and transport hubs, and the Faridabad-Noida-Ghaziabad (FNG) road, among others, have also amplified Noida’s real estate prospects, enhancing its appeal for end-users and investors. The expansion of the Metro network and the operationalization of the Greater Noida Metro line have also provided traction to Noida’s real estate.

Meanwhile, strategic interventions by the Noida Authority, such as six multilevel and underground parking facilities with a total capacity to accommodate 12,653 vehicles, the construction of an elevated road from Vishwa Bharati to Sector 61, and the work on two more elevated roads (the Chilla elevated road linking Mayur Vihar in east Delhi with the Mahamaya Flyover in Noida and the one in Bhangel), along with the development of new commercial hubs, such as Noida Sector 62 and Noida Extension, have further improved the city’s infrastructure and enhanced ease of living. Last year, Noida also received Rs. 230 crore in financial assistance for infrastructural development under the Prime Minister’s Gati Shakti scheme.


Noida’s infrastructure renaissance is not just reshaping its skyline but also redefining its real estate investment landscape. As the city continues on its trajectory of growth and development, investors have a unique opportunity to participate in its journey towards becoming a global urban center. By understanding the nuances of each infrastructure project and its impact on real estate dynamics, investors can make informed decisions and unlock the full potential of Noida’s real estate.