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Noida’s High-Rise Societies Face Multiple Challenges Despite Rapid Urban Growth

By: Nikhil Singhal, President, Noida High-rise Federation

Noida, April 19, 2024: The high-rise societies in Noida are facing a multitude of problems. The city has pollution, traffic congestion, water supply, TDS management and sewage disposal among the major concerns creating a havoc in the urban sphere which has densely populated high-rise societies.

The lack of abundant greenery is another major issue. Improper waste management at the same time is an issue resulting in health and environmental concerns in Noida. 

These issues are badly affecting the quality of the life of the residents, while hampering the growth of Noida at the same time. Another challenge highlighted by him is a very short period of just one year is given to the Apartment Owners Associations (AOAs) after its members are elected. Despite the fact that AOAs play a crucial role in managing the societies, their short tenure such as only one year is deemed insufficient for the completion of several development works undertaken by it, as by the time the AOA processes are streamlined, its tenure comes to an end.

Additionally, Noida authority’s unilateral decision-making without consulting AOAs poses challenges, as rules and regulations imposed by the authority sometimes clash with the interests and functioning of AOAs. Such situations leads to conflicts and inefficiencies in the working of the AOAs.

Financial constraints are another major issue faced by the AOAs. While lack of funds hinders their ability to maintain and upgrade facilities, it also impacts the overall living standards of the residents in the high-rise societies.


Meanwhile, a sheer lack of CCTV coverage is identified as a critical need for ensuring security in Noida. The prevailing situation has left the residents of these high-rise societies in a situation that is vulnerable to crime and safety threats.

There is a need for a collaborative approach to address these challenges and the collaborative approach should involve all the stakeholders. There should be creation of a forum where relevant authorities which include not only the AOAs, but the MLAs, and Noida authority can participate. In this forum being on the same page they can discuss and resolve the issues collectively and immediately. Such a platform would equally help in the effective governance to improve the quality of life in Noida’s high-rise societies.

Despite these challenges, Noida’s growth story is impressive as per the urban planners. However, to ensure sustainable development and improve the quality of life for the residents addressing these challenges is crucial. There should be proactive measures to address these challenges and sustainable urban planning is needed.

Community involvement is important and the residents themselves must actively participate in the governance of their societies. Such participation may ensure a better quality of life for all.

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