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Noida’s tallest Wave One gets ready in 41 months

The super structure of Wave One, the 41-storey iconic building in the heart of Noida’s commercial hub Sector 18, is the latest addition to Noida skyline. According to a press release, the structure was built in a record period of 41 months and the constructed was carried out with Leighton Australia as partners.

Wave One has been designed and conceptualised by architect Brennan Beer Gorman from New York.The release said that Wave One is the tallest structure in Noida which would accommodate parking for about 2,500 cars.

Sharad Sharma, Vice-President (Sales & Marketing), Wave One, said, “To build Wave One in the heart of Sector 18 – the commercial hub of Noida has been a challenging task and we are happy to announce that the building was constructed without the daily life of Sector 18 being disrupted. We are thankful to our construction partners – Leighton for undertaking this iconic project in the best possible manner.”

Commenting on the experience of working on Wave One, Simon Lees, Project Director, Leighton- Infra 13, said, “For us at Leighton, Wave One has been a challenging project considering the magnitude of the project. We are pleased that the project has been completed successfully on time with high standards maintained as well as within budget.”