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Nuvoco launches Concreto Permadure

Mr. Nitin Gupta

Nuvoco Vistas Corp. Ltd, a leading building materials company, on October 15 launched ‘Concreto Permadure’, a water-and-cracks-resistant concrete, through a virtual launch programme.

According to a press release, Concreto Permadure improves the durability of the structure by minimising micro cracks and water seepage. It has been created to address the needs of the individual home builders segment, which often struggles with these issues.


Concreto Permadure is produced by carefully proportioning of cement, sand and aggregates along with specialised water-resistant chemicals and engineered fibres. As the concrete comprises of an integral waterproofing compound and fibres; this results in a more cohesiveness mix and reduced segregation, added the release.

Prashant Jha, Chief Ready-Mix Business

Prashant Jha, Chief Ready-Mix Business, said, “With the launch of Concreto Permadure, we aim to offer the construction industry a solution that will help in building resilient structures, and our consumers, dream homes that stand the test of time.”