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Okaya joins forces with CharIN EV to enhance charging experience and promote electric mobility

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Extending its support and expertise to set up well laid-out standardize electric vehicle charging infrastructure all across the country, Okaya has joined hands with Charging Interface Initiative (CharIN E.V.), an open coalition of world-class firms within the electric vehicle (EV) industry.

 New Delhi, 11th May 2020: Okaya Power Pvt. Ltd. (OKAYA), a flagship company of Okaya Power Group, has announced to have become a core member of the Charging Interface Initiative (CharIN E.V.), an open coalition of world-class firms within the electric vehicle (EV) industry. The move is aimed at supporting the Combined Charging System (CCS) as a global standard for EV charging with aim to enhance charging experience and promote electric mobility in the country.

While the coalition with CharIN E.V. continues to refine the CCS, it also shows Okaya’s commitment towards promoting mass adoption of electric vehicles by providing universal and internationally flexible charging system. Further, Okaya has joined CharIN to contribute to the global electric mobility revolution with its expertise in development of EV Chargers which uses latest technology and communication standards. These include Combined Charging solution (CCS)- CharIN and CHAdeMO, a quick charging standard for electric vehicles.

Anshul Gupta, Director, Okaya Power Private Limited said, “As one of the largest players in EV charging segment, our membership in CharIN exemplifies our continued efforts to boost electric vehicle ecosystem in the country. At Okaya, we understand the need for internationally flexible charging system which ensures maximum compatibility between current vehicles and chargers, and reinforces the ability to persist through future innovations. In view of the new vehicles capable of faster charging speeds hitting the market, it has become inevitable to scale up charging infrastructure based on a single standard. Hence, Okaya has joined hands with Charging Interface Initiative (CharIN E.V.) to foster e-mobility with highly capable, energy efficient and user-friendly charging infrastructure.”

Okaya already had the insight as well as the foresight to start manufacturing world-class EV products and solutions ever since the emergence of this exclusive categorey. While Okaya enjoys early mover advantage in this segment, it has efficiently consolidated its actionable in a formidable way by providing EV Chargers compatible with all internationally accepted standards.  Okaya’s move to joining forces with CharIN E.V. also reaffirms its commitment to boost the EV Charging infrastructure in line with the Government of India’s vision to achieve maximum electrical mobility by 2030.


As per the directives issued by Government Of India, all the two wheelers and three wheelers should be running on electricity by 2024 while 30% four wheelers and public transport should be running on electricity by 2030. Hence all the OEM’s are working in this direction to achieve this national objective and for this the government is also extending support by providing subsidies to promote EVs in commercial vehicle category. In view of the government’s laid out road map, a fresh impetus is being given to this mission, under which the first priority is the establishment of world-class EV Charging points, Charging Stations and Battery Swapping Stations.

Taking a giant leap forward in this exclusive segment, Okaya has already launched its four-wheeler EV products range with all three types of protocol being used worldwide: GB/T,CCS & CHAdeMO and has successfully deployed more than 400 EV charging equipment’s. Okaya has also launched the latest technology of iCat-approved lithium ion and lead acid batteries for two wheelers and three wheelers applications. Okaya has a wide service network spanning all across the country with over 400 trained service engineers on board. Apart from such efficient customer service facilities, Okaya also has a toll free service number for 24×7 customer support. Providing seamless customer service to deliver guaranteed customer satisfaction is the USP of brand Okaya.