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Omaxe Chowk Partners with Renowned Jewellers for Golden Giveaways  

Delhi, May 17, 2024: Omaxe Chowk, set to become Chandni Chowk’s premier gold market, marked a special celebration starting on May 4 with an extravagant event featuring delightful daily gold coin giveaways. Partnering with esteemed jewellers such as Kalyan, Malabar, Caratlane, and Giva, this initiative underscored Omaxe Chowk’s emergence as a top destination for gold enthusiasts.

The seven-day campaign, “Shubh Akshay Tritya – Highest Shopper of the Day,” saw enthusiastic participation as daily shoppers competed for the chance to win a gold coin. This campaign was a tremendous success, drawing a significant number of visitors, boosting foot traffic, and enhancing shopping activities. It highlighted Omaxe Chowk’s appeal as a vibrant marketplace.

The winners of the “Highest Shopper of the Day” contest included Manisha, Amit Kumar, Umesh, Kushagrh Aggrawal, Maria Antoria, Mansi Babbar, and Jasmeet Shah. Each winner was overjoyed, their smiles lighting up the room as they received their gold coins, adding a touch of sparkle to their festive shopping experience.

As Omaxe Chowk continues to expand its offerings, the event demonstrated its commitment to becoming a key player in the jewellery market. It aims to provide top-tier shopping experiences and engaging community events that resonate with local traditions and celebrations.

Jatin Goel

“Omaxe Chowk is thrilled to have provided a golden opportunity to our patrons during this auspicious week. Celebrating with our shoppers while introducing them to what will soon be the gold capital of Chandni Chowk has been immensely gratifying,” expressed Jatin Goel, Executive Director of Omaxe Group.

With its successful celebration, Omaxe Chowk has firmly established itself as a burgeoning hub for gold enthusiasts, promising many more grand celebrations and opportunities for its patrons in the future.