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Pacific Mall Tagore Garden installs effigies of Lord Ram, Hanuman & Ravana

New Delhi: In an effort to create a resounding experience for visitors this Diwali, Pacific Mall Tagore Gardens conceptualised an innovative Ramayana theme-based structure and installed effigies of Lord Ram and the demon king Ravana on the ground floor of the mall.

Placing both effigies face-to-face, Lord Ram is depicted with a bow and arrow (Ram Bana) in front of Ravana to symbolise the victory of good over evil. 

Lord Hanuman’s statue has also been placed in the outer area of the mall. It is a symbolic representation of popular Ramayana folklore. 

Abhishek Bansal, Executive Director, Pacific Group, said, “Ramayana is the soul and identity of our civilization. It teaches us values and do’s and don’ts in life. Pacific Mall Tagore Garden, in a bid to make a wondrous impact on the minds of people, recreated a pivotal war scene between Lord Rama and Ravana in which Lord Ram holds a bow and arrow to kill Ravana and end his tyrannical rule. It reignites the minds of children and adults with the moral lessons which we all should take from Ramayana. Having received approbation from viewers, our efforts stand validated. We are happy with the response we got.”