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Parryware launches anti-microbial range of water closets and touch-less faucets


Parryware on February 22 announced the launch of Verve anti -microbial range of water closets and touch-less faucets product range.

It is designed to minimise the growth of microorganisms or bacteria on product surface and enhance safety in bathroom spaces, said a press release.

The new products, said the release, are layered with a special additive of Nano Silver ion glaze to reduce the bacteria, virus growth and minimise germ and infection spread.


Built on the principle of anti-microbial seating, the range is coated with anti-germ glaze making bathrooms a safe and hygienic space.

Further addressing a common concern around hygiene in times of pandemic, Parryware touch-less advanced technology sensor taps are built in with auto open close feature, easy to install, energy-efficient and offer cost-effectiveness as they run on battery that can be mounted on any existing basin, said the release.


RanganathanKE Ranganathan, Managing Director, Roca Parryware, said, “At Parryware, we strive to offer innovative quality products that are safe, hygienic and gives a stress-free experience to the consumer. With our innovative and practical products like zero-contact sensor taps and anti-microbial verve collection, we prioritise safety by eliminating the risk of surface contact and therefore reducing the spread of viruses.”