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Pirnar launches its operations in India

Pirnar launches

Pirnar, a 50-year-old, family-owned company and a leading European innovator in the field of aluminium and wooden front doors, has launched operations in India with the opening of its flagship store in Pune.

Pirnar luxury exterior doors are handmade, perfectly-shaped and flawlessly-constructed and they are built with contemporary and smart technology, said a press release.

Pirnar’s OneTouch, it said, is the world’s first door with an invisible pull handle, recognising the owner using a fingerprint reader. As the hidden fingerprint reader recognises the owner, a handle deploys neatly and automatically and illuminates the surrounding area while the door unlocks itself. After a while, OneTouch turns into a refined surface with no handle and the door locks.

Speaking at the launch, Ajay Lalwani, Partner, Pirnar India said, “We are happy to partner with Pirnar and bring world-class doors to India. Pirnar entrances are amongst the most admired and uncompromisingly manufactured entrances in the world. The Indian market has great potential and we are confident that with the launch of Pirnar, we will be able to offer superior doors to Indian customers.”

Nilesh Sonigra, the other partner, said, “We have an aggressive distribution plan mapped out for the Indian market. We are looking for franchise partners across the country.”