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Predictions for JUNE 10 2016 -JULY 10 2016

Bejan Daruwalla

Ganesha says you are moving ahead with purpose. You realise that there is no substitute for hard work and success is all about perspiration. You are generally restless and their thought processes are in constant flux. I know this is a generalisation but to get more accurate I will need to do a personal consultation with all the other details. Astrology also never compels. You have free will circumstances and several other factors pushing and pulling you, making you who you really you.

You are moving at great speed. There are new jobs and many investments. You could be expanding your business. There is a windfall in sight. There could also be an inheritance that falls on your lap. This period is also one of indulgence. You take risks and live dangerously. You assume a leadership role in your group and are the focus of all attention. You are the life of the party. Ganesha smiles as he holds your hand.

Choices are raining on you like confetti from the skies. Every sign has its list of celebrities and you are no exception. You share your birth sign with Angelina Jolie, Anna Kournikova, Anne Frank, Ben Johnson, Marilyn Monroe, Johnny Depp, Bob Dylan, Brooke Sheilds, Che Guevara, Donald Trump, Jackie Stewart, John F Kennedy, Frank Lampard, Salman Rushdie, Paul McCartney, Steve Waugh, Venus Williams and many other greats. You are in fantastic company of truly gifted souls. You need to sort out of the direction to take now and make the most of it.

You live large and execute larger. If action was your weak point, it is not so now. You throw money in the right direction and hope for the dividends. You are on overdrive and the ego pulls are very strong. Ganesha wishes you well and hopes you press the brakes when necessary. Your personal, domestic and emotional life is highlighted. You feel more integrated with yourself. You have great times with the opposite sex.

The god phase continues. There is new intensity coursing through your veins. There is luck and love and steamy times with your beloved. This is a lucky phase; there could be international collaborations and a rise in reputation and prestige. You also reach a deeper understanding of illness and health. If you are into research or practising medicine, you could be in the throes of a great breakthrough. If you are into social work you will have a closer look at human suffering.


There are many trends: from weekend outings, international travel and sweeping changes in your persona and home or office. Ganesha is happy that you are filled with good feelings and an optimistic outlook on life. There will be new contractual negotiations, conferences and discussions. You plan and think big. There could be deceit as you tend to gloss over the fine print and, in the process, loss clarity about the

There is a hard slog ahead and you will spare no efforts. There is a hard slog ahead and you will spare no efforts. There is love, passion and new assignments. You are crowned with success. There is power, position and pelf or, it put it simply, money and honey. You may have intense encounters with other persons and circumstances; these will act like mirrors to yourself. You will be shown many aspects of your life that you haven’t fathomed till date. There could be power struggles with authority.

You continue with sustained hard work and there are dividends. In this phase, you are away from emotions and sentiments and keep work as your primary focus. This is a good thing and you don’t get sidetracked like you often do. The results can be spectacular at both work and play. You are filled with confidence and self-belief and perform well at tests and interviews. This is a great time for youngsters preparing for examinations or opting for higher studies. You are in touch with your feelings.

There is a lot of movement in this phase and you will be networking for all that you are worth. You use all the modern gadgetry, and tweet and ‘Facebook’ away as though the world were to end soon. You have a lot to share, and communicate across the globe furiously. You meet new people, make profitable associations and expand your business interests. This is particularly good for those in the media. You will also meet someone halfway across the globe and fall in love.

There are emotional moments. There may be a crisis in the family. There could be a sudden bereavement or an illness. You are hard pressed. Time and resources push you into a corner. You look with great profundity at the burning questions of life. You look for a deeper purpose and meaning for injustice of any kind. You may start a course or begin some kind of training on the lines of your thought processes. You need help or guidance and will look for spiritual support.


There could be travel and profitable associations. There are alumni meetings and several group discussions. Friends, family, long lost lovers and every kind of person who entered your life at some point of time now emergency miraculously from out of the woodwork. There is new love along with old love. So you have quite a boiling cauldron of passion, love, hate and disquiet. White all this happens and takes you by storm, you are also busy with money affairs.

This is a great time for money and investments. Your prestige peaks; there is love and passion in the air too. You spend a lot and earn a lot and could be taking the family out on a holiday. There could be also be marriage and festivities in the family; some happy occasion or the other; maybe even an addition to the family.