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Qubik builds skill enhancement center at Metal Handicraft Service Centre, Moradabad

Moradabad, December 28, 2023: Under the UP government’s smart city initiative, Qubik, has announced the completion of a new skill enhancement center at the Metal Handicraft Service Centre (MHSC) in Moradabad. This recently constructed building at MHSC is aimed at the government’s effort of providing the local artisans with the best of facilities and conditions at work. The project, tendered in January 2022, was completed in December 2023.

The UP Government, under its Smart City Project, directed the expansion of the MHSC to provide artisans with access to safer and faster high-tech solutions. 

`A press release issue by Qubik sys that, the 5-floor RCC front structure, built in an overall 60,000 square feet area of MHSC, has been accustomed with state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure. The new building has been equipped with the latest electrical retrofitting, HVAC installation, sanitation facilities, and aesthetically designed interiors and was completed in a stipulated period of 24 months.

Commenting on the same, Nikhil Jain, CEO of Qubik, stated, “The completion of this transformative project is a testament to Qubik’s commitment to national development and economic growth. This project stands as a testament to our dedication to excellence and principles. The MHSC project enhances Moradabad’s infrastructure, creates employment opportunities, and pays tribute to the artisans contributing to our culture and economy.  Qubik looks forward to continuing its vital role in India’s infrastructure development, consistently delivering excellence in project execution.”