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Qubik Infra Revamps 19 Govt Schools Into Smart Schools Under Operation Kayakalp 

Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh, November 29, 2023: In order to transform Moradabad’s Government schools into smart schools, the Uttar Pradesh government announced Operation Kayakalp. Qubik Infra, which was in charge of the renovation of 19 of these smart schools, recently declared this large project’s completion.  

Aside from the physical infrastructure, each classroom for grades nursery to 5 is now outfitted with a cutting-edge smart system, says a press release by Qubik Infra. This technology allows students to visualize theoretical lessons, transforming the traditional learning experience into an engaging and interactive journey. Another distinguishing feature of these smart schools is the use of an energy-efficient LED lighting system, which reflects their commitment to sustainability. 

Nikhil Jain, CEO of Qubik, stated on the occasion, “Smart classes are revolutionary in education, allowing children to broaden their horizons of thinking. True progress occurs when everyone can benefit from it. Thus, this project was of the utmost importance to us, and we went above and beyond to ensure that no gaps exist at any level. Everything, from the raw materials used to the precision with which the infrastructure was built, was ensured to meet the highest quality standards, as it was about the safety, and dreams and aspirations of young children. We are grateful that the government has entrusted us with this huge responsibility and hope that we can collaborate on such meaningful projects in the future too.”

The company received the tender to revamp 19 former government schools and construct one educational institution in January 2022.