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REA India launches hybrid-working model

May 30, 2022: REA India, has announced the launch of a hybrid working model for its employees. The move by the company comes at a time when a multitude of global and national players are busy devising and launching new policies to optimise various remote working models.

A part of the Australia headquartered REA Group, REA India, the owner and operator of three companies in the online real estate sphere,, and, has a workforce of around 1400 employees.

“At REA India, we believe that a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach might not work in the post-pandemic world. Since different individuals and departments perform more optimally in different set-ups, as was evident during the lockdowns and the subsequent opening of our offices across the country, we have decided to adopt a more modern, hybrid working culture, where our people can choose to work out of office or work remotely, depending on their roles and function within the company,” said Dhruv Agarwala, Group CEO, REA India (, and .

“At REA India, we are quite thrilled as we transition to a hybrid workplace model and are ensuring that our people’s experience remains seamless and inclusive, irrespective of their place of work, whether office or home. I am excited about this new way of working as it also presents us with an opportunity to hire diverse talent across the country and from around the globe, and onboard great minds to join us on our aggressive growth plans,” said  Rohit Hasteer, Group CHRO, REA India (, and