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Guest Column

Real estate industry trends in 2021

Sunil Sisodia

The real estate industry, which was battered by the pandemic, has begun discovering its feet. There have been unequivocal signs of bounce back since the second from last quarter of 2020.

The realty sector in India is one of the pallbearers of the economy. It is the second-most elevated business generator in the country after agribusiness. The area is profoundly interlinked to upwards of 220 partnered sectors. The area represents almost 6-7 per cent of the economy and is set to represent almost 13 per cent by 2025 if all change estimates reported are executed well.

The realty sector has been one of the greatest abundance makers in the previous few decades. “After brief stuns considering primary changes, for example, GST and RERA, the upgraded liquidity in the financial framework and a rebuilding of purchaser certainty were gradually streaming through in the real estate market before COVID-19 hit Indian shores. Hence, the pandemic-affected droop is, best case scenario, a momentary blip across all areas of the economy. With the rollout of the antibody and resumption of routineness, the housing business sector will positively ricochet back with recharged power” says Sunil Sisodiya, Founder of Geetanjali Homestate.

Residential sales have reached at near pre-Covid levels before the years over, floated by a blend of elements like the repressed interest, low loan cost, expanded family reserve funds. Indeed, even in the-midst of high adoption of Work-from Home (WFH) by corporates, office exchanges likewise saw a solid ricochet back in the last quarter of 2020”, he adds.

With a total update in the economy and most likely a few lasting changes in the manner individuals live and work, the genuine bequest area in India will see the rise of some new trends in 2021.


Home buying: The changing thousand years attitude throughout the most recent couple of years had begun preferring rental homes, subsequently testing the set up Indian attitude of “being settled” just with home buys. The pandemic is driving back that want to claim a home, particularly since the need to stay near office has diminished for some. There is an expanding propensity to move away from the populated and dirtied city-driven zones to more moderate rural areas. The more moderate urban areas in India will see an inclination towards plotted turns of events or developer floors over lofts.

Changes in the workspace: This is particularly valid for IT/ITeS organisations where the work-from-home model is progressively turning into an essential piece of their drawn out methodology. Business CEOs across the globe are now hoping to limit expenses and land turns into the primary objective. The pattern of combination at one spot which was being considered by organizations may now get realigned to the centre and talked model. We may subsequently see more modest properties being taken up versus single enormous workplaces. In any case, wellbeing and cleanliness and social removing standards would take priority over space efficiencies and work environments would be realigned for the post-COVID world.

Foreign Investment: Foreign venture keeps on being light on the lease yielding resource portion. In any event, during the lockdown, there has been acceptable interest from unfamiliar speculators for quality resources in India, in this way exhibiting the trust in the area model being Brookfield-RMZ, Blackstone- Renown bargains which have been in the information. Additionally, from an institutional speculator viewpoint, REITs will keep on being the key topic and we will have more REITs hitting the capital business sectors in 2021.

Co-working, which arose as a solid pattern in the last not many a long time, got seriously hit by the COVID emergency. This fragment gotten a major shock as new companies and little business visionaries surrendered their office seats during the pandemic. Going ahead, as the business vulnerabilities wait, the collaborating portion will arise solid given the adaptability offered by them. Indeed among the cooperating administrators, those having an enormous portion of undertaking customers (greater corporates) will show improvement over those reliant on new companies and little business visionaries.

In the same way as other different industries, realty has acclimated to the COVID and the new typical.


While the battered area has begun recuperating from the emergency, vulnerabilities proceed to wait. Going ahead, the recuperation of the area will be straightforwardly connected to the COVID circumstance and the financial recuperation. 2021 will be a time of mindful good faith for most areas, including land.