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Realty Gen Next speak their heart out at Realty Webseries 4.0


As the ability to sign a pay cheque increases, more and more women are buying and owning a home themselves, says Bani G Anand, Director, ATS. “If you were to ask me, if I am a professional and I have to take a loan I would rather buy an apartment and have a secured sort of asset in my name”, said Bani.

The Gen Next of NCR realty were speaking at the fourth Webinar of Realty Webseries, a Realty & More and ICCPL initiative.

Echoing a similar sentiment, Yukti Nagpal, Director, Gulshan said zevar and zameen the investment trends for the lifetime.  “Now with more and more women coming forward and taking leadership positions, being their own selves, that independent women definitely wants to invest in real estate as any other independent man who is making money”, added Nagpal.



Speaking at the Webinar on office space trends, Ashish Bhutani, Director, Bhutani Group informed that with social distancing the earlier government norm of 65 sq ft office space per person has increased to 125 sq ft per person. “So entire India needs twice the amount of office than what was needed before the lockdown”, added Bhutani.


While speaking on sales during lockdown, Yash Miglani, CMD, Migsun said his total focus is on masses market and his products are priced between Rs 20 lakhs and Rs 50 lakhs. “That’s my ticket size, so a lot of schemes, a lot of derivatives have been derived to attract the customers”, said Miglani.




Accepting the year is going to be tough for both, developers and retailers, Nimish Arora, Director, Aarone Group & Select CityWalk said, “There is pent-up demand, there are people who want to step out, spend money, feel that importance of going out and being social”.



Nayan Raheja, Director, Raheja Group said he has seen highest of highs and lowest of lows of real estate. “The last 15 years have shown us pretty much everything”, said Raheja.




Mohit Arora, Director, Supertech added that there is no uncertainty in residential market.  “Rather it has become more certain now after this pandemic situation, people have realised that this is the safest product to buy, to invest before anything else, in their own house”, said Arora.