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‘Refer My Brand’ brings referral therapy of Retail Marketing

Refer My Brand

Refer My Brand Brings Referral Therapy of Retail Marketing

  • Changing the perception, RMB brings reward model of organic referrals
  • People will be trained to promote connected brands Under the network

New Delhi: Creating a next gen model of retail marketing, ‘Refer My Brand’ launched to explore the element of integrated services of retailers or outlets in a market by using collaborative model of referral. Refer my brand is a concept of organized and well trained marketing strategy by entrepreneurial thought leaders to nourish the growth of all brands connected at the platform to push business of each other. To begin with, first group has been created at Sultanpur belt and conceptualized to create, manage and optimize search of construction environment. Started by two young entrepreneurs Mr. Rahul Batra, Founder & Director and Mr. Amit Papneja, Co – founder & Director, Refer my brand with loads of experience of the industry.

Originally Referral means putting people in touch with services that have the resources to help them achieve their desired product delivering requirement with responsibility to serve together. Refer my brand is a structural program which is feasible and effective to provide everything to construction industry’s demands which is presented on a common platform. A simple change of perception can make the difference between the search of requirement as need and been viewed as advantage. The result based referral system encourages all members to be recognized for their contribution to develop a construction network with a touch of working relationship. To start with the first group for Sultanpur, New Delhi, and the very first chapter has 20 brands providing solutions for kitchens, furniture, stone art, art, designer landscapes, sanitary, tiles and many more.

According to Amit Papneja, Founder & Director of Refer My Brand, “Client referrals are a critical aspect of growing a business. Without them, a company’s growth potential may be limited, or, at the very least, one may have to spend considerably more on marketing than desired. To increase referrals, refer my brand is the tried-and-true method to spread the word and offering incentives which bring in new business. The concept will help in increasing turnover, establishment and enhancement of brand value, training for efficient sales, increased exposure to the own trade promoters, generation of virtual quality referrers at no cost.”

He added that when we make a referral, we are basically sending a customer to another professional who specializes in working with another particular product. This model is based on the ability to make effective referrals within a construction network and don’t waster a potential organic lead. The vocational services are interconnected and everyone work together toward the common goal of successful customer outcome.