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RRF to build 1,000 homes for Bawana slum-dwellers

Robin Raina Foundation

On the eve of Gandhi Jayanti, the Robin Raina Foundation (RRF) on Thursday announced to build 1,000 Mahatma Gandhi Homes for the slum-dwellers of Bawana in Delhi and overall 6,000 homes for the homeless in North India.

According to a press release, a $20-million investment by RRF will go into supporting the cumulative rehabilitation plan making it one of the largest private charity initiatives in the country. The foundation, the release said, had already built 1,732 homes in the area for the underprivileged sections of society.

Robin Raina, philanthropist and founder of RRF, said, “In the basket of miseries, not having a roof over one’s head can perhaps be counted as the worst of worries any underprivileged faces. With a large portion of the underprivileged surviving without a roof over their head, Mahatma Gandhi Homes willbe the RRF initiative to provide much-needed social security for such families.”

He added, “Mahatma Gandhi spent his whole life fighting poverty. We have dedicated this work in Mahatma’s name to reinstate the message of peace, harmony, solidarity and unity.”