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RWA, NBCC to jointly start a Monsoon Tree Plantation drive in Delhi’s New Moti Bagh

To plant 200 five feet or longer trees on August 5 to take total to three thousand this year

New Delhi, Aug 5 – Additional Principal Secretary to Prime Minister Office Dr. P. K. Mishra and a host of other senior Government functionaries today came together for a plantation drive for enhancing green cover at New Moti Bagh (NMB) residential colony developed by NBCC (India) Ltd.

The plantation drive was a joint initiative between the Resident Welfare Association (RWA) of the colony and NBCC Ltd.

“With this drive today, we have achieved our target of planting 3,200 trees this monsoon at NMB. All these trees are upwards of 5 feet each,” NBCC Chairman-cum-Managing Director Dr Anoop Kumar Mittal said.

Till date, a total of almost 12,500 trees have been planted in the 113-acre campus which boasts of a green cover of upwards of 70 percent. NBCC was initially given a permit to cut 181 trees for redevelopment of the colony.

Dr Mittal said that all NBCC built complexes are developed as green spaces, with lush trees around these residential areas. “We have developed the New Moti Bagh complex, which is among one of the green spaces in the city. Similarly, in Kidwai Nagar, where we have almost completed the project, we have planted over 10 times of what had to be cut,” Dr Mittal said.


At the East Kidwai Nagar colony 7,647 trees have already been planted as part of the replantation drive post completion of construction and another 2000 shall be planted this monsoon season.

Dr Mittal stressed that redevelopment activities have to be undertaken in Delhi to ensure that the city is ready for the next 100-200 years. “The existing infrastructure is already crumbling and we need to think about long term sustainable development measures,” he added.

As part of ongoing green initiative, NBCC has conducted plantation drives across its project sites throughout the country. In Guwahati alone almost 2,000 trees were planted at NIA office building by Dr. Mittal and other officials of NBCC. In Kolkata, a massive tree plantation drive was undertaken at National Jute Board Office Building Construction works site and NBCC Square work site at New Town, Rajarhat where NBCC employees along their families and residents gathered to plant the trees.

Total No. of trees planted in this monsoon season across the country are almost 23,865 till date.