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Samsung India Bets Big On System AC Business

Windfree 1 Way

An HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system is one of the most important systems in hotel and real estate industry. While designing a HVAC system, there are many details to be considered. Among them are the three most important elements — energy conservation, water conservation and indoor air quality. Besides heating, ventilating, and air conditioning equipment, the whole HVAC system can also be combined with other systems especially control systems to ensure its efficiency. Several processes in planning a successful HVAC system include designing, purchasing, operating and maintenance.

While hotels have to ensure guests’ satisfaction & provide a comfortable work environment for employees, a developer has to ensure comfortable environment for its customers. At the same time a check on operation cost is also important as HVAC system is a big energy consumer.

Specific aspects of consideration while designing an HVAC system for the hospitality and Residential sector

–          Maximization of Operational & Space Efficiency.

–          Architecture of the building – Materials being used, façade design


–          Diversity of Operations – Guest stay or mainly using banquet halls for exhibitions / functions

–          Maintaining the desired Acoustic level with the ideal equipment selection.

–          Integration with central BMS (Building Management System).

–          Aesthetics – Selection of indoor units based on interior layout/ reflected Ceiling Plan.

–          Ease of Usage – Automatic temperature setting in a hospital as per patient need, Use of Key Tag for hotel rooms, Central Controller for complete system operation.


–          Maintenance simplicity – Built in redundancy for limited downtime.

Difference in the treatment of air conditioning systems in this sector

–          Load Diversity is 40% ~ 70% for Guest rooms and 80% ~ 100% for common areas (Lobby/ Restaurant/Health Club, Banquet halls, etc). Hence, Inverter based DX VRF systems that optimally address part load requirements are preferred.

–          Seasonal air-conditioning for different areas. Heat Pump models (Heating/ Cooling) of DX VRF systems suit these requirements.

–          Hot water generation from the air-conditioning system is an advantage.


–          Aesthetics – Indoor unit flexibility to match the look and feel of diverse spaces

–          User driven control for guest rooms while administrator driven control for back office application

–          Residential customers are especially focused for comfort and peaceful environment. Noise level of Outdoor / Indoor Unit and placement of machines is critical to achieve the same.

Advancements and newer technologies adopted in the HVAC segment

Air-conditioning is a major user of electricity for buildings. Almost 40% of the energy consumption in a building can be attributed to HVAC system. Inverter based technology for areas with varying heat loads due to factors like occupancy level, equipment load, etc., ensure that the system runs as per the current situation resulting in energy saving.


Efforts are being made to use renewable sources of energy to fulfill the air-conditioning needs. Systems like Samsung’s DVM Water using geothermal energy or river for water-cooled condenser is one such example.

Other advancements include modifying the size of indoor units and outdoor units to provide space saving benefits. With modular systems available, installation can happen in different phases, during the tenure of the total project.

In addition, more improvements are being done to move to next generation systems. For e.g., Heat recovery models for simultaneous heating and cooling of different zones by absorbing heat from one area and dissipating in another area is possible with one system, without additional power consumption.

With Smart Controllers, one can closely monitor different parameters like Scheduling, using the internet for Remote management, compatibility with BMS systems, etc.

Extensive product portfolio that cater to this industry’s diverse needs


Earlier, Chilled Water systems connected to individual Air-Handling/ Fan Coil Units, were mainly used in the hospitality. However, over the last 10 years, an efficient and flexible system has emerged in the DX VRF system. These provide ease & speed of installation, flexibility in system design, efficiency in operating costs, etc. Samsung’s Digital Variable Multi (DVM) is one such product that can cater to all the AC needs of the hospitality and healthcare sector. DVM technology uses All-Inverter compressors which can take care of load diversity even below 40%, thereby ensuring minimum power consumption. A wide range of indoor units, including AHU’s for large spaces, ensure that aesthetic considerations of diverse spaces in a hotel are ideally met. Indoor Air Quality is maintained by connecting the DVM to Treated Fresh Air (TFA) units.

Space is limiting factor in providing air-conditioning solution mainly in residential areas. Selection of equipment is influenced by the comfort level, space available and aesthetics.

Samsung Innovative products catering to such requirements are

1.         360 Cassette – Being awarded “International Forum Design Award” also called “iF award”, 360 cassette is the most radical innovation in air-conditioning industry.

·         World’s First; Aesthetically Superior; No Cold Draft giving utmost comfort to the users.


·         Bladeless flow control ensures fast and comfortable cooling without the cold draft by ensuring 100 percent of air volume which can lose up to 25 percent of air volume

·         It features a stylish panel and an intuitive display that allows users to change between multiple settings for air flow depending on their preferences

2.         30 HP VRF ODU –

• World’s largest capacity VRF Outdoor Unit for space saving & installation cost saving• Increased performance of the 30 HP Super DVM is due to a combination of innovative technologies

•               Super Inverter Scroll Compressor


•               Hybrid Head Exchanger

•               oval shaped New Diffuser

These combination of features ensure an increased efficiency and performance capability for the Samsung 30 HP Super DVM especially for hotel solution

2.         14 HP Side Discharge VRF ODU –

•               World’s largest capacity giving high space saving for the residential buyer with the highest levels of energy efficiency.


•               The 14 HP Side Discharge DVM Eco has been engineered to deliver a single outdoor unit solution for apartment and office buildings

•               A single unit can be used to manage the air conditioning of an apartment or office with its superior power of 14 HP

•               The 14 HP Side Discharge DVM Eco comes with improved performance that ensures that it meets the need for specialized single outdoor unit

•               It offers for a better utilization of space with a compact size of only 940mm, lessening the required installation area requirement down by 54%. A flexible 4 direction installation allows for even more convenience

3. Slim 1 Way Cassette – 1 way Cassette overcome the challenges of space constraints being cited by architects while accommodating air-conditioners in designing stage.


•               With a height of 135 mm, this AC can fit in less than 6 inches of height

•               Fits in the corner of room, Frees space in center of the roof for architect creativity

This product is suitable mainly for guest room in hotel and patient room in hospital

3. Ductable – These units can diverse application including guest rooms, lobby area, visiting hall, restaurants etc.

4. DVM Chiller


• Combines advantages of VRF and Chiller. Gives high energy efficiency and is able to provide modular application in chiller usage

• The Module Chiller offer three major operating advantages viz. economic operations, easy installation & maintenance and proves to be preferred solution in hotel air-conditioning.

Very recently, Samsung has introduced Wind-Free™ cooling technology – providing customers with a cooler indoor climate and optimal energy efficiency without the discomfort of direct cold airflow. The new lineup provides ambient condition by maintaining comfortable room temperature using Wind-Free™ cooling technology to gently disperse cold air through 9,000 to 15,700 micro air holes. A two-step cooling system, which first lowers temperatures in ‘Fast Cooling Mode’ and then automatically switches to ‘Wind-Free™ Cooling Mode’, creating ‘still air’ once the desired temperature is achieved. This approach also reduces energy consumption by up to 50 percent compared to Fast Cooling mode.

The Wind Free System air conditioners are available in 1 Way Cassette, 4 Way Cassette & Mini 4 Way cassette type indoor units coupled with DVM Variable Refrigerant Flow based air conditioning systems

*Cassette Type Air Conditioners are essentially those air conditioners which are installed on the true or false ceilings of the confined space.


*1 Way Cassette = It is an air conditioner which is installed in the false ceiling of the room in a corner giving you clutter free walls and center of the room.

Product USPs – Slim height (Only 138 mm), Drain Pump to drain out the condensate drain water, multiple options of front decorative grille for the customer to choose from

*4 Way Cassette = It is an air conditioner which is installed in the center of the false ceiling of the room giving you uniform cooling across the space. Ceiling mounted 4 Way Cassette air conditioner is liked by the customer due to its cooling performance.

Product USPs – Central Installation, Drain Pump

*Mini 4 Way cassette = It is an air conditioner which is installed in the center of the false ceiling of the small room giving you uniform cooling across the space. Ceiling mounted 4 Way Cassette air conditioner is liked by the customer due to its compact size.


Product USPs – Compact Size of 600 mm * 600 mm, Drain Pump

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