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Savills research reports on COVID-19 pandemic


In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, Savills India has been coming up with a series of research papers capturing the impact of the pandemic on various sectors. The reports will offer a glimpse of what could happen and how the pandemic could lead to new trends across sectors.

While the first paper highlighted COVID-19’s likely impact on the economy, the second paper, launched on April 6, captures how it may transform our workplaces. Most importantly, it touches upon the likely impact on India’s office market in the short term and points out some of the emerging landscape in the wake of this pandemic.

Some noteworthy highlights of the paper are as follows:

  • Office space leasing likely to slow down in Q2-Q3, 2020 due to tenants reprogramming their office needs.
  • The office market will see moderate to strong recovery in 2021
  • High risk to co-working co-providers with large exposure to leases and rolling monthly contracts
  • Will post-pandemic world want more digital and less physical workplaces? Sixty-nine per cent of people who participated in live poll said, yes! Click here for full report – Savills India_Covid-19-transforming-workplaces-april-2020