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Sector 114, Gurugram’s commercial projects creating buzz among buyers

By: Bharat Kumar, Director, Spaze Group

Over the past ten years, commercial real estate has undergone constant change. Investors are eager to experiment with their investments because there are so many developments happening in the field. Due to this, SCO (Shop-cum-office) plots, a novel and creative setup, have gained popularity. Organisations have been prompted to relocate to SCO spaces by the hybrid working paradigm. Due to their attractive returns, SCO plots have attracted the interest of numerous buyers.

A prime location for real estate investment in Delhi NCR is Sector 114 in Gurgaon, which is next to the Dwarka Expressway. It is predicted to grow into a commercial business hub, which will push up property values over time. A sign of things to come is the existence of sector roads that are 99 metres broad and have two service lanes that are 12 metres wide on either side. Due to easy access to different social facilities provided by Sector 115, an institutional sector, as well as other residential Sectors 102-112, the micro-market is well-liked.

Business owners and experts like attorneys, chartered accountants, and doctors need commercial properties in Gurgaon. Investments in small businesses are made by experts in this area. Such modest units are also advantageous for new investors with restricted resources. These buyers are catered to by the presence of SCO plots in Sector 114. Future workplaces will be more adaptable and include a single location for dining, shopping, and recreation. An emerging idea for the future is the shop-cum-office notion, in which integrated living makes for a more comfortable existence.

A freehold business property known as an SCO (i.e., shop-cum-office) allows its owners to construct retail stores, offices, or even both. Due to their authenticity, modernity, and abundance of amenities that guarantee comfort and accessibility to launch a new business, these plots are becoming increasingly popular in important Indian town like Gurgaon in Haryana. The amenities that come with such places are also modern because they are updated, cutting-edge, and modern in design. Some of the distinguishing features include integrated smart features and creative power backup options. According to the requirements of the customers, access to healthcare and all energy requirements are also met.

Metropolitan areas have seen the greatest emergence of the SCO tendency, with Delhi-NCR consistently at the top of the list. This encourages the availability of important amenities like technological devices, healthcare, everyday necessities, and more in a common establishment in accordance with the demand of the local populace. With well-equipped technologies, power backup, and roomy setups, an SCO has all the essential amenities to make the workplace and retail shops customer-friendly.


The new SCO project will be in Gurugram’s Sector 114, which is the city’s largest commercial district and has fantastic access to both Delhi and the Indira Gandhi International Airport. Gurugram Sector 114 is a good site for the SCO ecosystem because of the affluent population, upscale projects for commercial and residential use, and close proximity to the airport. This neighbourhood has become more upscale thanks to a number of high-quality developments by well-known developers. There has been a significant change in the region. SCO projects in Sector 114 are on track to become Gurgaon residents’ favourite and most recognisable place to go.

Sector 114 in Gurugram is well connected to significant locations through Indira Gandhi International Airport (5 minutes away by car), NH-8 (10 minutes away by car), India International Convention & Expo Centre (roughly 32 kms away), and several other significant NCR cities and routes. Sector 114 is strategically located close to the Dwarka Expressway (just a one-minute drive away).