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Senior World to organise SeniorWorld SilverWings Fest for senior citizens

New Delhi, July 2022: SeniorWorld SilverWings Fest for seniors is being organized by Senior World, a company which focuses on the overall needs of seniors. The company has started the FIRST-EVER Senior Citizen Fest, an 8-week event in New Delhi, to recognize the significance of seniors. A number of events are planned for this fest, including the Senior Citizens Awards, Seniors Got Talent competitions, Sudoku competitions, Meet-and-Greets with their favorite old-time celebrities, and more. 

MP Deepu, Co-Founder & COO, SeniorWorld said, “We are organizing the first-ever Senior Citizen Fest to show our love and respect to our seniors as they play a significant role in our family as well as in the society. It is important that we appreciate them, show our love and make their golden years the best ever. Also India has many remarkable senior citizens who are doing exceptional work at the grassroots and it is time we recognize them. The fest is completely free of cost and one just needs to register for it”