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Signature Global holds Safety Week at sites

Signature Global

Signature Global Group organised an event on the occasion of the 50th National Safety Week on March 4 and encouraged the workers to follow safety norms. It will be held at all the construction sites of the company.

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SanjayThe event began with Sanjay Kumar Varshney, Executive Director, Signature Global Group, hoisting a flag at the ‘The Millennia 3’, Sector 37D and ‘Proxima’s’, Sector 89 construction sites in Gurugram.

Workers were made to pledge to follow safety rules and prizes were distributed to boost their morale.

LalitLalit Aggarwal, Co-founder and Vice-President, Signature Global Group, said, “Signature Global is an ISO 45001 certified company, which is awarded for the Occupational Health & Safety Management System. We take the safety of every worker on our sites very seriously. For this, we keep organising awareness campaigns from time to time to convince them to follow the safety rules. Not only safety while working, we also ensure their safety from diseases and ill health while they are working with us. For which regular health check-up camps for labour and their families are organized,”

Varshney said, “It is very important to use safety equipment during construction. We do not want to make any kind of lapse, so by all means, they are not just trained during safety week, but otherwise too we keep arranging drills for them on how to take precautions while working at high altitude, how to avoid electrocution etc . Skill development training also happens from time to time, so we make sure that there is no shortage of essential things like PPE kits, safety belts”.