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Sikka Gp hosts drawing competition 

Noida, December 5, 2022: A drawing competition was held at Sikka Karmic Greens, Sector 74, Noida, to encourage the hidden artist among children. A press release issued by the company says that, the event saw a soulful participation of children 3-14 years of age. The winner of the competition was rewarded with prizes and certificates along with the runner-ups, while all the children were appreciated for trying their best. 

“Aim of the competition was to encourage creativity among children and provide them with a platform where they can present their skills. The participants performed really well and it was a pleasure to witness such young kids playing so well with multiple colour combinations. I wish luck to all the kids for a bright and colourful future. I also congratulate my team for successfully organising this competition and allowing the children to comfortably work on their individual presentations,” said Harvinder Singh, Managing Director, Sikka Group.