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“Smart Micro Grid Policy” & “separate Tariff Policy For Solar And Wind Energy” Is The Need Of Hour: PHDCCI


PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PHDCCI) on Tuesday urged the government to devise “Smart Micro Grid Policy” as also appealed for “Separate Tariff Policy” for consumer getting electricity through smart grids particularly in its solar and wind segment.

The aforesaid recommendations were made during a National Smart Grid Conclave held here today under aegis of PHDCCI in which it was pointed out that with ulternate sources of energy being explored with intensive aggressivness and solar and wind energy already making their decible heard, smart micro grid policy and separate tariff policy need to be designed afresh.

The proposed micro grids policy and suggested redesigned tariff policy for alternate sources of energy particularly for rural belts across the country would be needed as solar and wind energy would have a larger and abudant takers.

The Conclave which was presided over by Additional Secretary (TIH/Infra-Energy/IC), Niti Aayog, Mr R P Gupta and attended among others Director General, National Institute of Solar Energy (NISE), Dr A K Tripathi; Former Chairman, Central Electricity Authority (CEA), Mr Pankaj Batra; Chairman, Energy Committee, PHDCCI, Mr Rajeev Mathur and Principal Director, PHDCCI, Dr Ranjeet Mehta also collectively felt that protracted efforts need to be made with win-win policy framework to propogate the launch of solar and wind energy as energy generated through fossil fuels would have exhausted in next few decades.