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Staircase: Build your ladder to success

Rahul Sharma

As per traditional Vastu principles, staircase plays an important role in your personal and professional growth.

The energies emanating from staircase are so powerful that they can make or break your prosperity and mental peace as this is the connecting link between the energies of different floors. Wrong placement of stairs can cause adverse effects on health, wealth and your mental wellbeing.

Vastu-compliant staircase is extremely essential for peaceful living. Staircase is a heavy structure and has to be placed in below directions known for heavy elements.

South – Staircase in this zone brings Fame and goodwill for the residents. They get due recognition for their efforts.

Southwest – This direction is governed by earth element. The earth is solid and stable. A staircase is considered best in this direction as it brings stability in life, career and relationships.


West – This is good direction for placement of staircase; it brings fruitful results and desired outcome for your efforts.

Northwest – This is the suitable location although it is not a heavier zone but the staircase in northwest direction blesses residents with lot of external support from society in their personal and professional growth.

Southeast – Stairs in southeast is permissible; it may help in controlling fire elements, excessive anger and aggression.

A key point to remember when building stairs: Avoid making stairs in north, northeast and centre ( Brahamasthanam ) of the house. Stairs in these directions can cause adverse effects i.e loss of health, wealth and peace.