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Suncity School celebrates 159th Income Tax Day


Gurugram: On the occasion of 159th Income Tax Day, Suncity School, Sector-54 hosted an awareness talk to orient the senior students towards taxes. The event was initiated by the Income Tax Department, Gurugram. Dr. Maninder Kaur, Deputy Commissioner Income tax, Gurugram and Dr. Dipin Goel, Assistant Commissioner of Income tax, Gurugram, graced the occasion with their presence.

The aim of the session was to generate awareness about taxes and their importance among the students. The highlight of the event was the screening of a special video by the Income tax department to showcase the tax structure and processes in the country. The event was followed by a Q&A session where the guests cleared the students’ doubts related to the subject.

Addressing the students, Dr. Maninder Kaur, Deputy Commissioner Income Tax, Gurugram said “Pay your taxes and contribute towards the development of this country. Taxes are ultimately the dues which we are paying to be privileged members of our society. We should not focus on the negativity and just focus on doing our part, our duty, and the rest everything will fall in place in the time to come.”

Talking about the importance of the session, Mrs. Rupa Chakravarty, Director, Suncity School said, “It is a great initiative by the Government to come to the school and catch the children young in their thoughts because many of them are not very clear about taxes. Many of them get disillusioned about what the Government does with their taxes because they’ve heard from their parents and other adults. So, it is a wonderful initiative by the Government to orient the students regarding income tax and other taxes like excise etc. It will also help them to know what their duties are as an Indian.”

“It will ensure that our country develops further because these children are aware that their tax is being used as the officials also said for the betterment of the people and thus of the nation” she added.


Speaking about the occasion, Dr. Dipin Goel, Assistant Commissioner Income Tax, Gurugram said, “Going to schools and interacting with young blood, is really exciting and we’re glad that they are asking questions because when you start asking questions as a society, you actually improve it and at Income Tax department, we are always willing to change, we are always willing to listen to people.”

July 24 has been celebrated as the annual Income Tax Day since 2010. The income tax department is organising an array of activities at schools and organisations to raise awareness about the taxes and generate a sense of duties towards the country.