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The Portrait of Woman Power -Pacific Mall with Fujifilm Instax

New Delhi, March 27, 2023: The Delhi Street Art team created a photo montage masterpiece to celebrate the Power of Women. Collated from over 5000 photos of women visitors taken at Pacific Mall premises throughout March, the artwork commemorates International Women’s Month, says a press release issued by the company.

The mall invited female patrons and visitors to participate in the project by having their photos clicked with Fujifilm Instax cameras. The resulting images were then processed and carefully matched to create a composite layout of a larger image depicting the woman of today.

“Initiatives like this celebrate the power and contributions of women to society. Despite being a visually stunning artwork, its appeal is celebrating women’s power, diversity and strength. This artwork supports women’s empowerment and recognizes and celebrates the vital role that women play in our society while promoting gender inclusivity in all aspects of life. We also thank Fujifilm Instax for partnering in this project”, said Abhishek Bansal, Executive Director, Pacific Group.