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U.P. RERA organizes an open session with Associations of Allottees

Gautambuddh Nagar/Ghaziabad, July 8, 2022: U.P. RERA organized an open session with various associations of allottees under the Chairmanship of Rajive Kumar, Chairman, U.P. RERA on the present scenario of real estate sector in Gautam Buddh Nagar and Ghaziabad. The prime objective of the session, that took place at Gr Noida office, was to understand major issues faced by the home buyers, inform about proceedings of the Authority as per the RERA Act and exchange suggestions to resolve concerns of allottees/ home buyers jointly. The session was joined by President, Secretary and other members of NEFOMA, NEFOWA, FPCE, CRONA, FED-AOA Ghaziabad and NOFAA who represent home buyers in Gautam Buddh Nagar and Ghaziabad districts.

U.P. RERA always prefer to maintain open sessions with all stake holders periodically. Due to norms of appropriate behaviour towards Covid-19, this practice has been suspended for last two years. Now the Authority is in process to re-initiate the communication channel with the stake holders to remove misconceptions, get in to direct conversation about proceedings and find out appropriate solutions on grievances of home buyers.

During the session, the allottees’ association tabled matters related to settlements via conciliation forum of U.P. RERA, non-supportive behaviour of few promoters in RERA proceedings, delay in compliance of passed orders of possession and refund/ recovery certificate. The members of association also expressed their concern on some improvement in RERA Act to protect interest of home buyers, possession offered without OC/CC by promoters, raising awareness among home buyers about RERA Act, pending registry of allottees of various projects, structural audit of housing societies, changes in original map without taking consent of existing allottees, etc.

The Authority appreciated efforts of the Conciliation forum to ensure swift settlements and expressed the gratitude towards all associations who play an important role to convince the both parties, allottee and promoter, during the meeting to settle the dispute. The Authority also informed that many complaints of section 31 and 63 have been transferred to the conciliation forum for settlements in a shorter time frame. Till date, disputes related to properties worth Rs. 395 cr. have been settled amicable by the forum. Looking at the pace of friendly agreements in conciliation forum, more developers are preferring to choose conciliation proceedings.

Further, the Authority asked to submit list of such order in which allottees are suffering due to non-compliance of passed order so that the provisions of CPC could be initiated in those orders and ensure possession. Also, a list has been asked to submit possible revisions in the Act to protect interest of home buyers. The members of various association has been told to provide name of non-cooperative promoters to contact them and issue directions to join RERA proceedings as per the complaints filed and to connect with them via promoter’s associations.


On the matters related to change in original map without taking consent of existing allottees, possession without OC/CC, lack of amenities, demand of structural audit, etc., the Authority advised members to form association of allottees of such projects and raise concern in competent development authorities and RERA to ensure relief to large no. of buyers. In order to remove hurdles in formation of association, the Authority urged other association to come forward, help and support such allottees. To create awareness among home buyers about RERA Act, it is being informed by the Authority that campaigns are being conducted on regular basis on various media platforms and in coming months it will be fuelled.

For recovery of recovery certificates, the Authority is in constant touch with district administration and striving hard to cover up delay due to conditions of Covid-19. Currently, Rs. 290 cr. has been transferred to bank accounts of more than 1800 complainants who were seeking refund.