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UP RERA to unveil Version 2.0 of its website


Jan 3, 2023: Uttar Pradesh RERA undertakes transformation of its web-portal to ensure enhanced security, transparency and seamless operations. A press release issued by the Authority says that, Uttar Pradesh RERA has undertaken a step forward to upgrade its existing web-portal to Version 2.0 based on State-of-the Art technology practices to further the object of e-governance. U.P. RERA ‘Version 2.0’ will be loaded with the leading-edge technologies like: OCR (Optical Character Recognition), RPA (Robotic Process Automation), API (Application Programming Interface) Integration, e-office, Digitisation, SAS (Software-As-Service)/Power BI (Business Intelligence), AI (Artificial Intelligence)/ML (Machine Learning) and e-signing etc making ‘Version 2.0’ portal more user-friendly in terms of detailed information of how to use the portal and its functionalities. U.P. RERA, with a view to successfully transform the existing portal into Version 2.0, has taken on board Ernst and Young LLP for the technical assessment of the existing system and a detailed comparative analysis of the portals of other state RERAs, eliciting suggestions from important stake holders like the associations of allottees, associations of promoters and other stake holders through physical and virtual workshops and personal interfaces in both NCR and Non-NCR regions and also seeking their feedbacks by sending questionnaires. The consultants and IT officials of U.P. RERA had visited the offices of Maharashtra RERA, Gujarat RERA, MP RERA and Karnataka RERA to understand their web portals and the technology practices adopted by them for benchmarking the features and technology requirements of U.P. RERA web portal Version 2.0. It is expected that U.P. RERA web-portal Version 2.0 will be launched by May 2023. At present, U.P. RERA is continuing its operations through existing portal where users get facilities as per their status as allottee, real estate promoter or real estate agent, as the case may be. The portal provides online facilities for registration, extension and editing of projects along with quarterly updates of the progress of the projects for promoters, registration and extension facility for real estate agents, filing and hearing of complaints and request for execution of orders by the allottees and other stakeholders along with fully electronic compliance tracking module.