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UPRERA asks promoters to expedite implementation of Conciliation forum’s decisions


June 17, 2020: The 21st meeting of the RERA NCR Conciliation forum was held on Wednesday through video conferencing under the chairmanship of Conciliator R.D. Paliwal. The meeting was attended by representatives of the promoters, Naveen Goel and Amit Modi. Sumit Saxena and Shweta Bharti participated on behalf of the homebuyers.

At the meeting, Paliwal directed the concerned parties especially the promoters to expedite the implementation of the decisions of the “Forum” and to increase public confidence and loyalty towards the forum, so as to increase mutual trust between buyers and promoters. All the homebuyers appreciated the UPRERA efforts for effective resolution of the disputes in a safe manner. The stakeholders are interested to bring more and more cases to the forum and get agreement.