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UPRERA eCourts to start on March 02, 2020

UPRERA is all set for eCourts starting from 2nd March 2020. The Authority has envisioned an evolutionary process of addressing the complaints of aggrieved parties through an integrated complaints management module, to be known as e-Courts.
The module is dedicated towards the digital way of inviting complaints, processing them through logical rules and disposing them in a timely fashion.
The Authority has decided to continue the old complaint form till 12 midnight of 2nd February 2020. From 3rd February 2020 onwards complaints can be submitted only on new forms.
The e-courts comprises of the following steps:
• Registration of complaints through an online form that collects the required information in a mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive fashion
• The complaints are then pre-processed/scrutinized by RERA for missing information in the complaint
• The complainants and the respondents will have an interactive dashboard where all the information related to their cases are visible
• All the information from the parties will be sought online aiming for the transparency in the process and achieving a paperless approach
• The process entails at adopting a robust communication engine for sending timely notifications
• The presiding officers will have an equally interactive dashboard, comprising of all the information about the complaint and necessary integrations with the project related information
• The last part involves partly automating the process of order generation so that no essential information is missed in the order
UPRERA Chairman Rajive Kumar said, “The e-courts will ensure transparency, efficiency and effectiveness of judicial system with high focus on achieving the vision of digital nation. The Authority thus seeks greater participation and support from various stakeholders in the success of the system for managing complaints in a digital fashion”.