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Urban Square Mall gets award for ‘World’s Largest Outdoor Painting’ and ‘World’s Longest Indoor Painting’

Urban Square Mall, Udaipur was awarded two certificates from the Genius Foundation’s World Record of India for the creation of the ‘World’s Largest Outdoor Painting’ and ‘World’s Longest Indoor Painting’

Uddhav Poddar, MD, Bhumika Enterprises accepted the recognition and collected the certificates for Urban Square Mall developed by Bhumika Group at the World Record of India event held today.

Uddhav Poddar made a special address to everyone who joined the celebrations and held a press conference to inform the media about the same.

At the event, Uddhav Poddar, MD, Bhumika Enterprises, said, “The World Record of India felicitation was a collective achievement that had every team member’s involvement. Urban Square Mall now features the world’s largest outdoor mural painting of a Clown (Joker), which measures 284 sqm and spreads up to the second floor. This will serve as a special attraction for our project to engage with customers because of the sheer grandiosity and magnitude on which it has been scaled out. It is located at the plaza area of Urban Square Mall and has been made with 48 litres of Acrylic Paint by creative artist Nilesh Kharade in just 8 days. We also have also been credited for constructing the longest indoor painting which projects 9 Super Star Bollywood Actors such as  Amitabh Bachchan, RajniKanth, Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt, Sridevi, Nawaz Ud Din Siddhiqi. It will be a treat for all hardcore Bollywood fans and lovers. The indoor painting measures 232 sqm (39.38 x 5.87 Meters) in size and has been executed in 12 days.”  

Pavan Solanki, President, World Records India & Genius Foundation, said ” The recognition of World’s Longest Indoor Painting and World’s Largest Outdoor Painting awarded to Urban Square Mall adds a world-wide recognition to the mall & to Udaipur today. It gives us immense pleasure to acknowledge talent and achievements creating global footprints.”