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Urban Square Mall to Host Kids Carnival

Udaipur, May 16, 2024: Urban Square Mall, Udaipur announced that, Starting May 17 and running through June 9, the mall will host a month-long Kids Carnival. The event claims to not only keep the young ones entertained but also provide them with opportunities to explore and showcase their talents.

There will be daily prizes and activities like pottery making, caricature drawing, kids’ nail art, and temporary tattoo making. 

The Kids Carnival is more than just a series of events; it’s a comprehensive program aimed at enriching the summer holidays. Each day will bring something new, from a shopping carnival where lucky shoppers can win daily prizes to the much-anticipated Jamboree Season 2 and the Dance Battle Semi-Final. 

During the carnival, children can showcase their musical talents, dance skills, and other abilities in a series of performances and competitions. Jamboree Season 2 will feature fashion shows, singing competitions, and dance performances. Additionally, interactive workshops will provide hands-on experiences, allowing kids to learn and grow while having fun, mentions a press release issued by the company.

During the period, shoppers who spend Rs. 1000 or more will enjoy complimentary parking at the mall.


Uddhav Poddar, Managing Director of Bhumika Group, expressed his enthusiasm for the event, saying, “The objective of the Kids Carnival is to help parents recognize and appreciate their children’s talents. As parents focus solely on their children’s academics, overlooking their innate skills and abilities, the Kids Carnival aims to bring these hidden talents to the forefront. We look forward to organizing more activities to nurture and develop children’s talents.”