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USG Boral launches Sheetrock in India

USG Global Sheetrock brand plasterboard

USG Boral, a global leader in building product’s technology, launched its Sheetrock brand plasterboard in Indian market with a virtual event, in the presence of its Global CEO Frederic de Rougemont and Technology Program Director- R&D Cesar Chan. Sumit Bidani, CEO of USG Boral Building Products (India), unveiled the brand.Cesar ChanSheetrock standard plaster boards are optimum for dry walls and ceiling application. These boards come with 100 years legacy and bucketful of certifications, said a press release.

These plaster boards will be manufactured at USG Boral’s manufacturing facilities at Khushkhera in Alwar district of Rajasthan and Sricity in Andhra Pradesh.Frederic de Rougemont

“India is one of USG Boral’s most important markets in Asia. Given India’s robust economy and rising infrastructural development, we see incredible opportunity for USG Boral India to scale up our India operations, said Rougemont.

Sumit Bidani, USG Global

Bidani said, “The brand has a ‘connect’ with the architects and builders here.  We are very glad to have launched the Sheetrock in India and decided to start manufacturing here especially at a time when the Indian Government has initiated the vision for ‘Make in India’ and encourages “vocal for local “concept.”