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By following the Vaastu Shastra principles laid down by the ancient Indian sages, we can get rid of negative energy, mental agony and can achieve good health, both mental and physical

Our macrocosm is made up of five basic elements known as Pancha-Tatva i.e.-Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Sky. Any disequilibrium in these Pancha-Tatva brings about a discomfort outside and within the human body. The changes in the system of the body make us realise that something is abnormal. Some people try to bring equality or balance by objective activities like yoga, meditation etc. These activities help to accelerate the movement of energy and endow positive results.

By executing the Vaastu Shastra remedies, numerous health problems have been mitigated from the lives of people as human energy is affected by many things including lighting, colours, plants, the placement of furniture, and very much, by the shape and size of a building and the materials used.

People working in buildings based on Vaastu Shastra principles find that their thoughts are clear and creative, make better decisions, feel happier and healthier. They feel more alert and refreshed throughout the day and experience less stress finding greater peace of mind. They have improved communication at all levels, have enhanced problem-solving abilities, improve working performance and improve their financial abilities and prospects.

Vaastu Shastra provides a set of principles for the general layout, furniture placement and interior decor of the built environment – including landscaping, gardens, car parks, storage facilities etc. These principles produce a balancing and harmonising effect on the environment and its inhabitants.


Here are a few basic rules that are stated in the ancient Vaastu Shastra books to ensure good health:

• Never keep your head towards the North while sleeping, prefer keeping it towards the South or East only, to achieve peaceful and restful sleep for a healthy life.

• Face either towards the North or East while working, studying or negotiating with clients. It helps increase, sharpen memory resulting in taking proper and faster decisions and at the righttime.

• Avoid facing South or South-West while cooking, eating or drinking. Your face should preferably be towards East or West for better taste, digestion and healthy body. Having a door at the back while cooking may lead to backache, pain in the legs, shoulders and even cervical issues.

• To have better concentration and devotion while worshipping, your face should be towards the East or West.


• Keep a basil plant (Tulsi) in the house to purify the air. Avoid cactus, rubber plants, milky plants and bonsai plants in the house as they add to your tension, illness and stunted growth of the children.

• Construction of stairs, toilet or kitchen in the North-East corner of the property may lead to cancer and brain related disorders. In such cases, it has been reported that it retards the growth of small children in the family.

• Never sit or work or sleep under a beam, it many cause depression, headache or loss of memory.

• To avoid any health problem related to the heart and brain, prefer wooden beds without storage space and avoid sleeping on metal beds.

• Any place that is constantly damp or smells of dampness, even without any trace of the cause, is considered to be an area of negative energy. As per Vaastu Shastra, one should not stay in such structure.


• Is there any tree facing your main door or window? This could result in poor health of family members. Place a convex mirror on the outer wall that is facing the tree to minimise its effect.

• To minimise disorders related to heart and nervous system, avoid usage of the space below the staircase for bathroom, toilet, and pantry or even for a closed store room.

• The colour of the roof and the walls should never be same as it leads to irritation and short temperament.

• Swimming pools or any other underground water bodies should be constructed in North, East or North-East of the plot. Having them in South-East may cause trouble to male children or the wife of the owner.

• Studies have shown that good health and Vaastu Shastra are closely related. It is an established fact that the Earth has a magnetic field. Some of the radiation from the Earth is beneficial while some are hazardous. The ancient science of Vaastu Shastra is based on realistic energy effects, be it solar, magnetic, radiation or sound energy in the universe. If we adopt the principles of Vaastu Shastra in our residence and workplace, these immense energies created by the Almighty begin to support us too.