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Vaastu For The New Year


The start of each year brings with it the opportunity and the reason to make another beginning. A little bit of that elation that goes hand in hand with each day of the year is the positive thinking that beginning once again is conceivable and the conviction that fresh starts can make new and effective conclusions.

Year 2015 is round the corner and now is the ideal time to dispose of some old negative behavior patterns and take a vow of leading a solid, rich and joyful life. Success and good fortunes don’t come thumping, rather they request a considerable measure of diligent work, favouring and obviously a little change in vaastu in your surroundings in your home or working environment. As the New Year has dawned, it is time to desert all the bad fortunes and agony and anticipate the greener side of existence with the utilisation of these vaastu tips.

Year 2015 will be a guaranteeing year for most organizations particularly for securities exchanges, bullion and land. In the coming future, the nation will experience the ascent of the ‘vaastu purusha’ with a property boom at the national level. With the beginning ofthe New Year, here’s the vaastu exhortation that will help you pacify the purusha for a smooth cruise throughout. The concentration in the New Year should be on hypothesis, mergers and land yet legitimate issues and well-being need a nearby watch. Vaastu can represent the deciding moment. When you adjust vaastu shastra in setting up your home or office in a right way, it is accepted to accumulate peace and flourishing life and help in exceeding expectations in the working environment. Anyhow when the vaastu standards are not taken up effectively, it can also decimate one’s life and make pressure. Taking after are some vaastu tips for fresh start.

General vaastu tips for New Year

Clean up Your House.


Keep your home clean as cleanliness pulls in good fortune.

Unused old contraptions including chargers, broken music frameworks, old material, old daily papers, old and torn couch sheet that have not been utilised for more than six months ought to be discarded from home instantly.

Vaastu tips for the puja room

Having a puja room in the house is an unquestionable requirement as indicated by vaastu.

Keeping a photograph or icon of Ganesha accumulates thriving joy in the house.


Worship the front entryway consistently where you put the swastika image.

Vaastu tips for the living room
Use wind rings at the passage entryway or focus of lounge room to clear vaastu surrenders or negative vibes.

Use unadulterated ghee lights to welcome the new year and guarantee they are in products of four as vaastu says every immaculate ghee lights speak to the Gods of riches like Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Ganesha, Lord Kubera and Lord lndra.

Vaastu tips for the residence
Vaastu prescribes to abstain from cooking confronting the north or south directions.

Avoid rooms where the entryway opens specifically to a staircase.


Never keep the TV or machines in your couch room.

Avoid keeping shoes or shoes close to the front entryway.

Dripping taps and broken funnels will piece or release your monetary vitality.

Vastu tips for offices

Keep a streaming wellspring at the door to bring congruity and good fortunes.


Never sit with your back confronting the principle entryway.

Never keep the TV or machines in your bunk room.

Never mess your workstations. It not just diverts your complete consideration, it likewise spreads negative vitality.

Vaastu tips for health

To attain tranquil slumber for a solid life dependably, keep your head towards the south while dozing.


For better taste, processing and sound body, attempt to keep your face towards east while cooking, consuming or drinking.

Abstain from cooking with your back towards an entryway. It may prompt spinal pain, torment in the legs, shoulders, and weakness.

Evade desert plants, elastic smooth and bonsai plants in the house as they may add to push and sickness.

Use wooden cots without storage room and abstain from thinking about metal couches, as it leads well being issue identified with the heart and mind.

Vaastu tips for wealth


Continuously utilise wood for beautiful things, pantries and storerooms. However maintain a strategic distance from over utilisation and don’t flood the storerooms.

Pictures of a serene sea support development of wealth.

Always utilise high upheld seat and never have the dining room in sight from the front entryway.

A guest ought not to have the perspective of the lounge area when he goes into the house sliding windows are never suggested, they ease off or cut the stream of vitality.