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Vaastu Tips for Pregnant Women


Vaastu lays down norms for pregnant women so that they can deliver a healthy baby and there is no problem during delivery.

Time is inestimable.  Universally, all objects in nature are produced in time, developed in time and destroyed in   time.   Time   has its   own properties. Creative, protective and destructive forces are embedded in the womb of nature.

Pregnancy is another aspect of the construction of life and bestowed the self as recipient. Getting the child as an auspicious force is the universal vitality. Pregnancy and reproduction are essentials factors of life on which the world exists.

Pregnancy is a wonderful  state of  being, separating man  from  woman,  a  girl  from  a  mother  and  the beginning of a wonderful new relationship. Women are a privileged lot. A heartbeat within a heartbeat, a life within a life, a relationship built and nurtured that goes along for a lifetime.

Vaastu  implements the involvement of  various forces of nature  while aggregating  the five  elements and  strives to  maintain  equilibrium as  these elements influence  and conduct  the lifestyles of  every single living being.


Thus the five elements influence our deeds, luck, behavior and other elementary of life. Pregnancy is a life-changing experience and is also one of the most crucial phases in a woman’s life. Presence of positive energy is important for women during pregnancy or conceiving.

In this article I have tried to focus the importance of Vastu as per pregnancy and how Vaastu shastra can help the would-be mothers bear a healthy child. Pregnant women must consider some significant principles of Vaastu to give timely birth to child and to avoid unnecessary problems.

Tips for expecting mother
It is advisable for pregnant women to keep her away from the electrical gadgets like computer sets.
For hassle free pregnancy, women should sleep in the southwest direction bedroom
Pregnant women should never sleep in northwestern room
Pregnant women should preferably sleep keeping their head in the south direction
Pregnant women should not live in southeast direction room
Pregnant women must stay in an environment that is lively and fresh
Expecting women should avoid wearing dark colours such as red, black or brown
Expecting women should go for subtle colours such as green, blue, yellow and white.
Expecting women should never sit in rooms that are dark and bleak which can lead to depressions.
Expecting women should always use rooms, with abundant light and air.
Expecting women should read motivational and religious books during the time of pregnancy.
Expecting women should hang pictures of beautiful and healthy children in their bedroom.
Expecting women should avoid restroom under stairs to avoid negative vibes.
A staircase in the exact centre of the house may lead to health problems for pregnant womens.
Heavy furniture should not be kept in Brahmasthan (centre of the room) try to keep as empty as possible.
There should not be any overhead beams running through the centre of the house.
Lighting a lamp in the “Agni Kana” (South East direction) daily is important for good health.
Do not plant thorny plants like cactus etc. which exude white sap, like rubber plant etc.
Do not grow plants like Bonsai’ as they symbolize stunted growth.
Paintings depicting violence, war, dragons or any negativity should be avoided.
Meditate and practice breathing exercises sitting in the northeast corner of your house while facing east.