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Vastu for enhanced focus, concentration

Vastu for Focus

It may not be acknowledged by many, nonetheless focus and concentration are skills which grows with practice. We all struggle at some point of time in life because of lack of focus and concentration. Today, poor focus and concentration is a rising issue. Apart from psychological and medical issues, culpability can be laid on to, too much exposure to the advanced technology which weakens the mind, surging depression, stress and anxiety, lack of physical and mental activities, alcohol and drug abuse etc., to quote a few.
Perhaps, there are many ways to sharpen focus and concentration level, but today let’s learn to do it vastu way.

– Facing north or east direction alone can help with increased focus, provided there is an open and protracted north or east. Reason is the cool nature of these two directions, which are also the directions of positive energies.

– Clear Quartz – the master stone, enhances our aura multifold in no time. Keeping it on the study table/work table provides a boosted and clear environment, which helps with concentration and makes it easy to focus on the subject.

– Another key rule is to keep work/study table absolutely clutter free. It should not have stack of files/books/notebooks on it. Lesser the things on table, more will be the concentration on the topic/work/project.

– Do not make study area or work area under a staircase or beam. Tensile force released by the beam or concrete stairs is intense enough to make a person feel uncomfortable and distracts him from important piece of work.


– Never face an empty wall. One should either have an open space in front or something motivational to stare at, while taking a break from work.

– Avoid having a mirror around study and work area.

– Surrounding oneself with light and cool shades, specifically in the work & study area is significant. Red and its family colour are good at distraction, whereas pastel blues, violets and greens are soothing & calming and that is what is required to focus on something- a calm and relaxed mind.

– Distancing oneself from electronics whenever possible is a good initiative. Electronics are the major culprits in detrimental mental health of people today. Because of handy answers available on internet, people don’t bother to exercise their mind to solve anything, which is restricting their mental growth tremendously and causing focus and concentration issues.

– Last but not the least, hydrated body, healthy food, good amount of sleep and physical workout increases focus and concentration tremendously.


Dr Aarushi

(The author is the Founder of Vaastublessings)