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Vastu for pooja area in house

Vastu Pooja

The most sacred and positive place in any premise is the Pooja room. It’s a place where we feel peaceful, calm, optimistic, hopeful and blessed. We want this particular area to help us enhance our aura and spiritual well-being, therefore it should have an ambience where we could feel comfortable & at ease, even if we have to sit for longer duration. Here are few tips pertaining to pooja room, which are important to be followed:

Direction for pooja room – North-east quadrant of a premise is the best place to make a pooja room, exact northeast being the most appropriate space. However, one thing one must ensure is that pooja unit or idols we place in pooja room should not be kept exactly in the corner, even if it’s the perfect NE. Few inches away from the corner is a desirable positioning to keep pooja unit or idols in pooja room. There should be some gap between idols & wall for air to circulate. While praying, a person should always be facing east or northeast. Second best positioning for pooja room is west.

vastu 1

Interiors of pooja room Pooja room should preferably have cream, white or pale yellow colour to make it look bright and support you slip effortlessly into meditative state. If it is just a small pooja unit that we are considering in the NE area, then light weighted white marble or wooden unit is recommended, as northeast is to be kept light. Do not use pooja units with metal sheets or coverings. Diya or incense sticks should be lit on your right, which will eventually place it in the southeast i.e. fire area and water pot to be kept on left hand to balance the northeast of that particular area. Natural sunlight entering pooja room early in the morning is considered very auspicious.

vastu 2

Size of Idols – Hight of Idol should not be more than 9inchs, which excludes “aasan and chatra”, of the idol, if at all present in the Idol. Pooja unit or Idols should be placed slighter higher than your eye level. We surely don’t want to look down at God.

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Dome of pooja room – We can have a dome above pooja unit, as this will restrict the transfer of negative energy from the upper floor. In case you are living in a flat and are unaware of the negative activities which might be taking place above your pooja room, dome and false ceiling becomes imperative to protect energies of our pooja place.


vastu 4

Decoration: Temples should always be decorated with fresh flowers. Many of us decorate the altar with plastic flowers, which only catches dust over a period of time and releases negativity in an area which is supposed to be the most positive space in the house.

5 Pooja

Storage in pooja room: Pooja room/unit is recommended in east/northeast area of premises and that area should always be kept free from heavy weight items; hence storage is not recommended in Pooja room. But of course, a small drawer or a cabinet can be made under the altar, to store all pooja related items like mauli, sidhoor, diya, wicks, oil, incense sticks, religious books etc. If you have lot of religious books or have lots of pooja samagri available with you, then a small storage cupboard can be made on South/west wall of the pooja room.

Mistakes to be avoided-

  • Do not make a pooja place in couple’s bedroom, store, under a staircase or in a kitchen.
  • There should not be any common wall between pooja room and toilet.
  • Ancestor’s photo should not be kept in temple and guru’s picture should be kept at a level lower than God’s picture/idol.
  • Temple should never be kept directly on the floor and idol should never face each other.
  • Never keep any damaged idol in the temple.

Dr Aarushi

(The author is the Founder of Vaastublessings)