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Vastu for staircase


Staircase is a medium to reach higher floors and is the heavy most part of construction in any building, which makes it an important Vastu area to be considered while designing the layout of premises.

It signifies upward motion and can be the reason for the growth and prosperity of a family but we should not forget that same staircase brings us down also and ignoring Vastu principles while constructing a staircase can be the reason for the downfall and misery. This article will help you to understand the rules you must follow while constructing a staircase.

Number of Steps: Firstly, number of steps should always be odd. Secondly, ideal situation is to follow the calculation wherein, on dividing number of steps by 3, remainder should be 2. For example, 11, 17, 23,29. Thirdly, while counting steps, staircase of each floor has to be considered separately. If 1st floor is having 11 stairs and another floor is having 11 then total number of steps in the staircase becomes 22, which is even, but that’s not how number of steps are to be considered.


Colour of Stairs: Because of the high carbon material available in black granite or marble, black colour is not advised for staircase. Black colour also has the tendency to absorb all the positive energy and is capable of draining energy from the person close-by. Another thing is that black camouflages most of the things lying on it and that can lead to accidents. Hence black should be avoided, however, black strips for designing purpose are fine. Even for walls Vastu recommends the usage of light colours to enhance the positivity of staircase, which has highly congested energy. Use of planters on the steps is also recommended to enhance positivity.


Positioning of stairs: Being the heavy most structure in a building, staircase should always be made in south, west or southwest. Nevertheless, staircase can also be made in northwest or southeast corner of the site. It is always advised to keep weight of the stairs on the south or west wall rather than east or north wall and if at all some weight is coming on east and north wall then south and west has to be made heavy accordingly. Stairs are energy carrier hence should never be made right opposite to the entry door. Also staircase should not be there in the center of the house ie Brahamsthan.



Movement of staircase: Staircase should always move in a clockwise direction, irrespective of the direction it is built in. This is because most of us are right-handed and find it easy to use railing on our right while climbing up. Only monkey staircase or spiral staircase should be anticlockwise, for the ease of climbing.


Space under staircase: No temple or study area should come under the staircase. Space under the staircase can be used only to make stores or storage cabinets but valuable things should not be stored there. Space can also be used to keep some planters or decorative pieces. Area under the staircase to be used minimal by the inmates.


Stairwell: Vastu does not recommend hanging any family pictures along the staircase well.

Dr Aarushi

(The author is the Founder of Vaastublessings)