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Vastu for storage, godown, warehouses


Be it an online business model or offline business model, wherever physical stock is involved warehouse is required to store the material, from where it could be moved to wholesalers and retailers. Even wholesalers and retailers would have their own small warehouses or storage spaces to keep the material.

Having a Vastu-compliant warehouse is going to yield better results in terms of sale and profit of the business in comparison to the warehouse which doesn’t consider Vastu principle. Following few points will enlighten about Vastu rules one must follow while setting up a godown, warehouse or any storage space for material.

  • Slope of roof and flooring:

Most important thing while constructing a shed for the storage of raw material or furnished good, is to keep the slant of the roof/shed from west to east or from South to north so as to allow free flow of energy from east and north. Similarly flooring should also be given slope towards east and north.

  • Intake of material:

All the material which comes in the godown should either come from east or north, which implies that godown/warehouse should be facing either east or north. Nevertheless, even west or south facing warehouses are positive for commercial purpose. Provided all the Vastu guidelines are followed while building the structure.

  • Movement of material:

There is no thumb rule when it comes to the movement of material inside the warehouse or godown. It can be moved clockwise or anticlockwise. Movement will always depend upon the nature of the material.

  • Placement of material:

All the heavy weight material is to be placed in south and west therefore all the racks should primarily be made towards south and west. North and east should either be left empty or very less and light weighted material should be placed in there. Exact NE corner should never have anything placed there. It should be free from clutter, and weight.

  • Exit of the material:

All the material which has to go out of the warehouse should be taken out from northwest side. In fact, all the material which you want out of your warehouse quickly should be kept in the northwest quadrant.

  • Toilets:

Toilets for workers should be constructed in west or south side of the warehouse; never in southwest, southeast or northeastern side.

  • Owners Office:

Owner of the warehouse/godown should have his office made in Southwest. Even if the owner is not available himself in the warehouse all the time, cabin should be there and on his visit to the warehouse, the same cabin should be used.

  • Never a dumping area

Warehouse/ godown should never be considered as junkyard or dumping station. That will only block energies of the area and gradually material may actually become junk. Hence, material inside should be stacked in an organized way and there should be enough light and ventilation in the warehouse.

Dr Aarushi

(The author is the Founder of Vaastublessings)