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Vastu Makeover to enhance unisex beauty salons

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Who doesn’t need look great? Look does make a difference. It has been and it will be. In the event that you look great, you feel great. Each individual needs to look awesome. Physical appearance affects your general identity. Individuals everywhere throughout the world burn millions to look great. They experience plastic surgery, visit the magnificence salons routinely and experience different medicines to enhance their physical appearance.

Expanding propensity of looking great gives a help to the magnificence business. Birth of the unisex salons is itself the result of this propensity. Subsequently understanding the immense winning potential numerous new business visionaries enter in the magnificence business. Brilliant arranging and keen execution is the key of achievement in business. However in the event that you incorporate Vastu as a characteristic piece of your arranging, the odds of accomplishment will be increased. For a case water and fire are the real component of salon business, and if these two are imbalanced, your prosperity can be fleeting. You require Vastu wanting to make your prosperity enduring.

Following Vastu principles for beauty salons helps flourish the business resulting in customer’s complete satisfaction, rejuvenation and more profit. For treatment and body rub masterminds bed in such a way, to the point that while having back rub client’s head must be towards south. On the off chance that this is impractical, fare thee well that client’s legs must not be confronting towards south at any rate. Execution declaration and honours can be set in north-west. It will take your business around the world. For best results, it is prudent to introduce precious stone globe or gem pyramid in north-west.

To put a logo of your image/franchisee south divider is perfect, though stick your image minister’s (big names) photos at north-east divider. It will acquire notoriety for your domain.

To draw in new clients you have to adjust the vitality Vastuyantra in premises. Wind ring, bamboo tree and precious stone balls can be introduced to adjust yin-yang energies.


South is best to wait territory for the clients. Continuously keep some most recent excellence and way of life magazines in the holding up range, so clients might invest their energy with that.

A mirror set in west might turn into the reason for sluggishness in staff and damage their well-being. A mirror in north-west is additionally avoidable as it gets check progress.

To maintain a strategic distance from superfluous obstacles in advancement put a precious stone dolphin in west. You can put a photo of dolphin as an option.

Place mirrors in north to east. A rightly set mirror improves the positive vitality in the premises subsequently bring riches and acclaim.

Salon proprietor ought to make his lodge in southwest. To get steadiness in business it is prudent to place pyramid plate there.


North is the heading of Kuber-the ruler of riches. For gathering and money counter north is the best bearing.

South-east speak to flame component therefore you can make steam room and sauna shower here.

The entrance of the beauty parlour/unisex salon ought to be ideally in the West or South heading.
Ventilation system and other electrical contraptions are great if kept in the South-East course.

Mirrors in the beauty parlour/salon ought to be settled on the Northern or Eastern dividers.

Store every one of your cosmetics and magnificence treatment items in West heading. West is perfect to keep cleanser, conditioner, facial and other excellence items.


Spa and aroma therapy range are best to have in North, East or North-East.

The ideal areas for the wash room are South-East and North-West zones.

While putting a facial bed never keep the head in the North course.

Sauna or Steam is fitting to have in the South-East heading.

Can and waste procurement ought to be in south or west. Paint dividers with blue to upgrade your expertise. Mastermind spa, fragrance and cleanser in east. Continuously play a calming and reviving music. Trade counter out the North-East side. Introduce wash bowl in north.