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Vastu Shastra -A scientific approach

By Dr. Aarushi Sadhotra

Why East and North are important in vastu?

Earth is tilted on its axis at 23.5° and moves from west to east, which is why solar energy is not similar on all the surface of earth at a single point of time. Sunrays carries various quantum of heat in its rays, depending upon the distance it covers and at an angle with which it falls on earth defines its advantages and disadvantages. It is a well-known fact that Sun rays are most beneficial from the time sun rises until the next two hours as there is a balance of UV rays in them and heat in those sunrays is very comfortable for human beings. Hence Northeast and east are considered the best directions in a house. Around 10am, when the sun is close to the southeast direction, sunrays carrying infra-red rays, starts to engulf Earth, which is harsh on human skin, if skin is exposed to it for long, it may even cause skin cancer. Hence the southeast room is never a good option to live in. However, as south-eastern rays are influenced with UVB & UVA, they have the quality to preserve food with their antifungal and antibacterial properties and add on to the nutritional value of the food, so kitchen is advised in southeast. Following figure explains the wavelength and frequency of different colours, Violet having maximum travel time and short or minimum wavelength is considered the best for human consumption whereas Red has minimum travel space and maximum wavelength in not generally healthy. 


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Study of earth’s atmosphere will reveal how human body reacts to these invisible natural powers, which further reflects in our physical appearance and mental status. This is the reason, in India we find a new language and difference in physical appearance of the people, after every 200 kms. Overheated and too much cold place always effects the performance and output of human beings. East and North are the only directions which provides lots of physical benefits to human beings as well as a comfortable atmosphere which improves human performance many folds.

Why water element is associated with Ishan Kone (North-East)?

North- East is the combination of two directions i.e. North and East. North is coolest most direction and East is moderate. North-East is the direction influenced with sun rays which are carrying lot of medicinal properties for life on earth. You may recall how people in olden days used to get up early in the morning and bask in early morning rays. They even used to take bath in open to let sunrays fall on them while bathing. One cannot deny that people back then were physically and mentally healthier and balanced, when compared to present generation. And that is because of the cool nature of this direction and beneficial sun rays that the water stored in this area remains fresh, cool and free from bacteria. On the other hand, water stored in South, west or south-west direction, will rotten soon, it will breed lots of bacteria. Frequent change in temperate from cool to hot to cool will adversely affect the water there, which if stored for long will not remain healthy for human use, hence a water tank in SW, south and west is not appreciated.

Why motionless water is inauspicious?

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Removal of stagnated water or not letting water collected in one place for a longer time, for the fear of growing Dengue mosquitoes, is not a new concept. Our age old vastu initiators had made it clear ages ago that stagnated water invites numerous germs, bacteria, fungi growth. It is scientifically also proven that stagnated water is absolutely unhygienic and unhealthy and causes various health problems, if at all used. Excessive heat of sunrays in south and west in noon & afternoon and cool temperature in the night provides conducive environment to the fungi, bacteria and many types of germs to grow. This is the sole reason water is not advised to be stored in the water tank in South or west. Moreover, any stagnated water in the south/west of your house should be removed before it starts breeding bacteria and insects like deadly dengue mosquitoes. Water stored or stagnated in South/west of the house doesn’t receive morning sunrays which are full of beneficial properties, one of it is to disinfect the water. You may see olden made houses having rooftop slope towards East, North, North-East for the same reason that rain water does not remain on the wrong side of the roof and flows towards the East, North, Northeast. According to vastu shastra, water is a moveable element should keep moving, stagnation in it will bring stagnation in human life. 

Follow vastu, and health shall follow you!!


(The author is the Founder of Vaastublessings)