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vastuThe beginning of the year is an excellent time to focus on new beginnings and opportunities.

Vastu Tips for Residential Matters

  • There should not be three or more doorways in a straight line. Having improper position of the entrance and obstruction in front of the gate can reduce prosperity to a great extent.
  • Drawing rooms are ideal in the North or East direction.
  • The directions North, East and North-East (Brahmasthana) should be kept light, clean and open. South, South-West and West should be kept heavy.
  • Pillars should be in even numbers and should not come on the sensitive points of Brahmasthana.
  • Main gate should be bigger than the other internal doors. It can be on all directions except the South-West.
  • It is very difficult to leave the Brahmasthana open, so lobby/ drawing / dining hall should be constructed there.
  • To balance the harmonious soul and to avoid tension and illness in the house, do not keep rubber plants, bonsai, cactus or milk-producing plants in the house.
  • Never sit or sleep under a projected beam to avoid depression, headache and loss of memory.
  • Any exposed floor marble or tile broken in your house could be the cause of a broken relationship among family members. Put a carpet to cover the broken marble/tile or replace it for immediate results.
  • Have the name and number plate of your house on the main entrance to enable the opportunities to trace you easily. It is a good idea to give a name to the residence also. Lighting the nameplate increases the effect manifold.
  • Having a toilet or fireplace in the north-east corner of the house can ruin it financially besides mental tension and quarrels. Using energized Pyramids, sea salt, green creepers, blue bulb and yellow towels can greatly help in minimizing ill-effects.
  • Keep your mirrors clean, Dust and dirt reduce the effectiveness of mirrors. Try to keep the paint work fresh, repair any leaking taps, and replace any blown bulbs as quickly as possible. Keep your windows clean and replace any cracked or broken glass.
  • Kitchen should be preferably in the south-east direction. It may be in east/north-west direction. Avoid north and south directions while cooking as facing north increases unwanted expenses and facing south is detrimental to housewife’s health which causes pain in the shoulders or even cervical pain.
  • If your spouse is facing cervical problems, pain in leg and backache, this can be due to her back facing the entrance gate of the kitchen. Install a convex mirror in front of her so that she can see what is going on in her backside through the mirror. Frequent turning around is avoided.
  • Kitchen is the second best place after north-east for performing worship. Choose north-east corner of the kitchen for putting an idol of deity.
  • Remove medicines from kitchen and shift it to living room, preferably at worshiping place.
  • Avoid water and fire in one line from the kitchen for better harmony. Having water and fire in one Line or opposite to one another, adds to difference of opinion amongst the family members.

magazine3_Page_12Vastu Tips For Residential Matters :

  • Bedroom for the head of the family should be in south-west/south direction. North and east directions are best suitable for small children. Children pursuing research or some serious study should occupy west sector of the house. If you want grown up child to
    leave the home for career-building, put his bedroom in the north-west direction of the home.
  • To maintain health and happiness, the colour of the bedroom walls should be same on all four walls, while the ceiling should always be white/sky blue. Improper position of the bedroom/ bed/ dressing table brings unhappiness in the married life and causes disturbed
  • Never keep your head towards north while sleeping. Keeping head towards south or East gives  peaceful/restful sleep and a healthy life. West facing head is also acceptable.
  • Never put a mirror in front of the bed or attached with the bed. Cover it while sleeping to avoid bad dreams and ensuring a healthy sleep. A properly placed round mirror and soothing paintings etc. in the bedroom can enhance the relationship.
  • Wooden beds without box (for storage) are the best for sleeping. Avoid metal beds (wrought Iron) etc. as it may lead to health problems related to heart and brain.
  • For better harmony and everlasting personal relationship always prefer a double bed with single mattress, since the normally used double mattresses creates a symbolic separation which might become real.
  • Place heavy furniture such as wardrobe, floor to ceiling bookcase on South or West side of the Bedroom. Dressing table along with any jewels and bangle boxes should be located against the north or east wall.
  • A wall poster having mountains/ snow-clad peaks of mountains (without water) etc. on south-west wall of  the bedroom can add immense strength and stability in the life.
  • Avoid or minimize the use of TV or computer in bedroom as the energy level of the room will get destroyed by the radiations emitted; causing disharmony which may lead even to separation.
  • Avoid sleeping in a room located at the end of a long corridor, or where the door opens directly to a staircase. The strong flow of bad soul may bring illness to the occupants.
  • To improve marriage prospects, hang several crystal balls and light a chandelier in south-west corner. Keep rose quartz precious stone along with a pair of mandarins ducks in south-west of your bedroom will enhance harmony. Immerse a fresh sweet and juicy orange to a moving stream of water on any full moon day for an early, happy and durable marriage.
  • Keeping a picture of any flower, double happiness symbols and a picture / idols of Radha and Krishna also helps in getting a suitable life partner.
  • North-east or north-west is the best direction for a drawing room. In the east, it is best for social workers, politicians and business tycoons. It is more calm and quiet in the west direction while the south direction is best during winter months and in cold regions.
  • The drawing room should be close to the main door. Large and heavy sofa with chairs should be placed in south, west or south-west direction. While sitting you should face towards north, east or north-east. Place the  TV, telephone and entertainment devices in the northwest or south-west direction.
  • Photos of your ancestors should be placed in south and south-west directions. Photos of children can be placed in the east direction. Photos of living older generations should be placed in north direction.
  • Display a couple of plants on the floor in gloomy areas or on a side table. Display mementos, photographs or paintings of your choice in the drawing room. Paint the walls with blue and green colour for calm environment. Never use red, yellow, purple and dark hues of colours.
  • One should face north-east, east or north while studying. Positive magnetic field from north helps in sharp memory and quick grasping power and getting  ability to take right decisions much faster.
  • Keep your study table 10 to 15 cm away from the wall and light should come from the backside or left hand side. Reading material should be nearly 30 to 45 cm away from the eyes. Sit with your back in an erect posture.
  • To improve the studies, put crystal globe and education tower on the north-east corner of the study table or room for excellent performance. Keeping your stamp size photo in between the wish-pyramid along with Fortune card and keeping the study pyramid underneath the seat or the pillow also adds significantly to the concentration/results. Installing a 5 rod wooden windchime in the eastern zone is also very helpful.
  • North-east is the ideal place for location of a prayer room. It may be in the north / east direction.
  • Face east or north-east while worshiping for better concentration and devotion.
  • North-east sector of your kitchen is a good choice for daily worship if you cannot afford a separate place for worship.

building3Vastu Tips for Official Matters : 

  • Never accept money between two fingers, as this is considered as cutting of further inflow of wealth. Accept the money with five fingers.
  • To retain the funding it’s advised to put a 3-legged golden coloured frog facing its back to the main door for better saving.
  • Water, particularly moving water, attracts positive energy and money. Consider placing a small ornamental fountain or aquarium in your north direction for wonderful results.
  • Never sit with your back facing main door. This can cause back-biting, deceit, betrayal in life. Unwanted guest may be given such seat.
  • The owner seat must be facing east or north. Positive magnetic field from north helps in sharp memory and quick grasping power and provides ability to take right decisions much faster while negotiating with clients. West is also permissible but owner must not
    face south.
  • In office, owner should always sit with a solid wall behind your back and farthest from the gate to have support from seniors,  colleagues and friends. Never sit with owner back facing main door. Unwanted guests/visitors should be given such a seat. It results in
    lack of strength and sense of fear and insecurity.
  • The owner’s desk must always be rectangle. Put a crystal globe on north-west corner of your table to get better overseas opportunities and get foreign contacts and rotate it at least three times in a day in clockwise direction. For enhancing the potential of clients place your address book or planner on northwest corner of the desk. Installing 6 rod yellow or gold and metallic wind-chime in north-west area of the workplace can also help in bringing desired number of overseas clients/ opportunities for import-export.
  • Keeping a picture of high mountains without water in south-west will enhance stability and help to overcome insecurity.
  • Check if any marble or tile is broken in your office. This could result into broken relationship with partner or customers. Either put carpet to cover the broken marble/tiles or preferably replace it.
  • To improve sales, stick three coins tied with red ribbon on sales file or invoice book or order book.
  • Conference room or a boardroom should be in the east or west direction. Take new decisions in east direction and they will rise to great heights liking a rising sun. West is best for post analysis of any set target after its completion.
  • When you work from home, you spend a lot of time in your workplace. South-east is the best for locating home-office. If it is not available, it should be in East, north or north-west of home.
  • Money and valuables should be kept in an Almirah or safe facing north.
  • If north is blocked it can be cured with the help of regulators.
  • A boring or tube well in south is very harmful for finance.
  • A pit or underground tank in south is also very harmful for finance.
  • Certain pictures of god goddess and proper placement of mirrors brings financial gains in the house.
  • Water flowing from north to east is very good.
  • A water fountain in the north east part of the house or factory is very good.
  • An aquarium with 9 gold fish and one black fish, in the north east corner / portion of the house or factory is very good.
  • The place of seat arrangement for managers, executives, and directors must be located in south, west, and south-west direction of the office premises.
  • As per Vastu principles, it is really good to set the accounts department in south-east direction.
  • The appropriate place to set the reception is in the northeast direction of the office.
  • With respect to Vastu principles, it is good to seat the employees facing the north or east direction.
  • The central portion of the office must be set empty.
  • As per the Vastu principles, it is good to place rectangular desk for the managing director or chairperson.
  • The best and right direction to keep the storeroom is on the northwest and southeast location.
  • It is recommended to set the marketing department in the direction of northwest.
  • Fixing of some idols or images of God and Goddess in the right location of mirrors will bring you improved financial gains.
  • Setting a water fountain in the location of north-east of the office premises is really good and recommended.